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10 best road trips in India.

2020 is about road trips. Here’s why?

We all are trapped inside our homes for quite some time and all we want at this time is -

Hit the road, run into our travel space and get all consumed.

The Flapper Life believes , the best way to explore a destination lies in its journey itself.

With the new norm of ‘ Explore local and go Vocal’, here are top 10 places to ‘Explore on Wheels’

1. The Golden Triangle of Delhi- Agra- Jaipur.

The classic threesome. Being historically and culturally rich, this road trip covers everything. Right from dhaba style authentic food to pictures worth uploading. Covering the famous sites of India right from Red fort to Taj Mahal to Hawa Mahal. This road trip is a jackpot to a hungry travel enthusiast.

Time taken to travel/kms – Spread across 449 kms i.e. 11 hours.

2. Bangalore to Coorg

Located in the pristine western ghats down to south, there is no word in the dictionary to do justice to this road trip. The natural delight of the road, the cosy weather and the uber smooth road will want you to keep going and going and going.

Time taken to travel: 265 kms i.e. 5 and half hour.

3. Chandigarh to Manali

One of the most adventures road trip we can think of, Chandigarh to Manali is like ‘Stairway to heaven’. Clean roads, wonderful scenery and amazing native vibe that sets the tone of the trip just fine.

Time taken to travel : 288 kms i.e. 8 hrs 11 mins approx.

4. Srinagar- Kargil- Leh

This beauty needs no introduction. A dream destination for all road trips takers, especially bikers, this trip is a once in a lifetime experience every time you go there. Srinagar is known for its timeless beauty and leh is a dream destination.

Time taken to travel: 419 kms i.e. 10 hours approx.

5. Guwahati – Tawang

If you want to get caught between the snow-clad mountains and lush greenery, this is the road trip you should get on. And with momos on almost every halt, we don’t see a reason to complaint.

Time taken to travel/kms – Approx. 14 hours.

6. Amritsar – Dalhousie- Khajjiar

Want to fall in love and still be on ground? This is the road trip that will do exactly the same. From driving around 5 hills to heading to one of the most holy lands in India, This road trip is the one to look out for.

Time taken to travel: 198 kms i.e. 5 hours approx.

7. Manali to Leh

Simply breath-taking, just like they show in the movies. Some roller coaster turns and twists, but you will surely live to tell the tale. Right from witnessing the highest altitude to stunning landscapes, this trip needs to be experienced first hand. Remember Yeh Ishq hai from Jab we met! Same feeling.

Time taken to travel: 478 kms i.e. 14 hours.

8. Vishakhapatnam to Araku Valley

One road trip that covers- waterfalls, green canyons, serene hills, coffee plantations and magical bay of Bengal, this road trip is like 5-6 bucket lists in one. Not to mention the camera worthy pictures.

Time taken to travel : 114 kms i.e. around 4 hours.

9. Bangalore to Rameswaram

The scenic view from Bangalore to Rameswaram is unknown to none. It will take your breath away in no time. This is the one trip that you cannot ‘ keep it for later’.

Time taken to travel : 550 kms i.e. 10 hrs approx.

10. Dehradun to Nainital

Nestled between Himalayan peaks and the naini lakes, a picture-perfect combination of lakes and mountains. Known for beautiful mornings and sanctity in place, our list ends with this sun kissed road trip.

Time taken to travel: 282 kms i.e. 8 hours approx.

What’s your pick?

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