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5 Best desert stays in India.

Imagine a desert with golden sand dunes, the setting sun, the cool breeze touching your face and a tent over your head with modern amenities for you to enjoy.

The majority of desert camps are located on and near the main road close to the popular Sam Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer, where people flock to go on camel rides into the sunset. Camp under the night sky in this brilliant land for an extraordinary affair.The Jaisalmer Fort looks like a Crown on the city and gives a delightful complexity to the scene. If that’s how you picture a perfect vacation, then head to these luxury desert camps in Jaisalmer for a unique glamping experience:

1) Prince Desert Camp.

Prince Desert Camp is one of the larger Jaisalmer tented camps, with 30 tents. It's one of the more luxurious camps near the Sam Sand Dunes, with attractive interiors and bathrooms in the suite tents that are a step up from the rest and is pocket friendly. It's set far enough away from the cluster of camps on the main road that there's no noise (this turns out to be a huge factor, as some get loud). It feels more authentic too, as there are sand dunes right in the backyard! An early morning sunrise walk in the dunes is unmissable.The food is delicious and there are hot showers in the tents. It's a well-managed camp with excellent staff and hospitality.

2) Oasis camp .

Perhaps the best Jaisalmer budget camp, Oasis Camp has a super central location on the main road right opposite the Sam Sand Dunes. It's ideal for those who want to be in the heart of the action and not pay too much. What's more, while many camps close during the off-season, this one is open all year round. Another thing that sets this camp apart from the others in the same price range is the personalized service and presence of the owner who goes out of his way to fulfilling guests' requests.

The tents are decent enough with attached western-style bathrooms, although hot water is only available for a limited time in the morning and you'll need to take a bucket bath as there is no shower. Do note that only vegetarian food is served.

3) Mirage Camps.

This camp is a charming bivouac of a dozen oriental-inspired tents in the most beautiful corners of Thar. They have 21 tents that are swiss stitched just for your comfort. The spacious and comfortable tents decorated with unique sourced pieces and locally crafted artwork form a harmonious whole with their surroundings. Set against an elegant and simple backdrop, Rajasthani woven matting and Berber rugs, interesting pieces crafted from by local craftsmen in ancient ways and atmospheric Indian lanterns, give the impression of being on an expedition from another time. They provide extraordinary facilities such as camel safari, dunes bashing, parasailing and also introduce you to the cultural night events that represent rajasasthani music and dance. The bonus of this camp site is that you can get your pet and enjoy the sand dunes with your beloved pet.

4) Manvar Desert Camp & Resort

The Manvar Desert Camp & Resort, in our opinion is easily one of the best desert camp setups in India we have witnessed till date. Glamping or Glamorous Camping/Luxury Camping as it’s called is perhaps one of the trendiest ways of tasting cultures that have heritage significance dating back to as early as the 17th century. The Manvar Camping experience offers just about the best camping experience in Rajasthan, hands down! The safari style tents are arranged in a semi-circle in the middle of which you will see & feel the colors of Rajasthan with folk dances, folk music, mashaals, camp fire & everything that could make a camping experience “ROYALE”!! The centrally located “Durbar Hall” (Dining Area) offers local cuisines tailored to the taste & preference of its exclusive guests. They offer Desert excursion, camel trek, village walk, crane spotting, private camping, wildlife desert safaris, amazing food, all with a touch of local Rajasthani hospitality!

5) Pal Rajah Resort.

Pal Rajah Resort is a small desert camp with just eight luxury tents and three mud huts, bordering agricultural land and a sand dune with a picturesque sunset point. It's related to the very popular Hotel Fifu in Jaisalmer. The camp is ideal for a quiet local experience, as it's situated away from the main road and there are no other tents in the vicinity. Its welcoming and friendly staff provide courteous, attentive service. In addition to camel safaris, guests can go on jeep safaris to remote villages, and sleep out in the dunes under the stars. The only drawback is that only vegetarian food is served, although it is fresh and tasty.

We are sure you are tempted to do a desert stay soon!

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