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5 experiential stays in Kerala, you must know!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

If you are one of those who are always looking for newer experiences to try then we have just the thing for you. If your idea of a holiday is sheer relaxation, indulging in homely food amidst a bunch of nice people in a home away from home, then staying in the best homestays in Kerala is your best bet We have a list curated for you of all the unique stays you can try when in Kerala.

Stingray tent, Wayanad - If you were looking to venture into the wild, you can do so in an extraordinary way by lodging in tents suspended above a forest estate, this tent lets you do that. This camp also offers you a learning experience about wildlife and conservation and comes with all safety features and guidelines. The suspended tent promises the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had in a camp. While you relax in the tent, you can enjoy some wild animal spotting with dears, elephants, and birds galore. Not only that. You can also go trekking in the forests, enjoy a swim in the springs.

TreeHouse Marayoor - Perched atop a quaint hill, The Treehouse is surrounded by the spectacular landscapes of Sahayadri, offering a tranquil escape from reality. The eco-friendly constructed tree and mud cottages reflect barefoot luxury, helping you stay rooted to Earth but still be close to Heaven. Perfect for those seeking a secluded getaway in a rustic ambiance, the venue extends a treehouse and 4-mud cottages. The interiors highlight rustic Bohemian decor, thatched roofs, and locally sourced wood, making it a completely sustainable home. It is also equipped with all amenities in a sustainable way.

Cave Dining - Edakkal - An out-of-the-world experience as you dine inside a cave with 100s of candle lights up the entire cave. Located near the Edakkal Hermitage Resort, surely takes us back to our ancestors. The property here provides a stay in the forest, cave dining, and scaling hills to view the sunrise. Wayanad receives the best of all the migratory season, where a variety of birds comes up and their chirping makes the dining experience a lot more lively. The food is decent and is a must-try on your next trip to Wayanad.

Glass Cabin – Tripislife - this triangle-shaped homestay is perched on the Varkala Cliff promising uninterrupted views of the Arabian Sea. The door on the corresponding wall is completely made up of glass and you can look at the verdant green glass, water, and the homestays all day and night long. The features of this glass cabin are just beyond words - a pretty spacious, open-air shower covered with trees and plants. The crashing sounds of waves, the golden sands, the undulating rocks, the towering palms, the chirrups of birds, and a lush green lawn. It’s a dainty refuge from all the madness to experience quietness and romanticism in their best forms.

Floating Cottages – Poovar Lake, located 32 Km from Trivandrum and is enveloped by serene backwaters and coconut groves. The cottages are the most picturesque resort in the whole of Poovar, this resort provides an exceptional view, exquisite interiors, all the basic amenities, and most importantly, some of the most friendly staff members. It also provides your own swimming pool in Poovar Lake to experience the raw beauty of swimming in a lake. When you visit Kerala you really can’t miss the beautiful backwaters.

Aren’t these few of the amazing places to include in your next trip to Kerala.

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