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Am I missing just the travel ?

With over 50 days in lock down, we are missing a lot about travel. We all had plans of going for a summer trek or a wellness trip with our friends or solo. But alas.

It is not just reaching the place and enjoying it, is what makes it memorable and interesting. It is those small moments that you cherish forever.

1. Airport: If our parents get ready 4 hours before catching the train, we do the same before catching the plane. In the airport, everything looks so perfect. Like a fairy-tale in slow motion and a classic song spinning in your head. You may see your favorite movie star or sit by yourself at the airport lounge and observe different humans.

2. Inside the plane: How many of us may have gone to the airport hours before just to book a window seat. Just watching the take-off, the clouds and the landing is enough to kill time. Another thing we miss is having memories with strangers, good or bad that turns into uncontrollable laughter stories in the future.

3. Hotel room: As soon as we enter the hotel room, we need to see the view from the room, love it and then jump on the bed because you love the room, so the start of the trip is good. Not to mention, smelling the shampoo and getting comfy in the bathrobe. Guilty.

4. Befriending strangers: We all want to have at least one global friend. The one who teaches us basic salutation, makes native food and invites us for a home stay making us feel comfortable. We love to hit it well with our tour driver, because they always know the best stories.

5. Shopping: If travel makes you happy, shopping on travel makes you happier. From buying local handicrafts to famous sweets to bring back home, this is a journey in itself.

Though the lock down may make you feel you are missing out on travel, but hey, do not worry, the sun will raise again and you will capture it! Promise.

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