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Best road trip detour, you should be aware of

Are you a fan of experimental and experiential travel? Do you love hitting the road and driving long hours just to enjoy the scenic view on the national express high way? Imagine driving your way to Goa and you take a wrong left turn or an early by pass and you now reach Karwar instead of Belgaum. That may be a mistake, but it’s a beautiful mistake because in today’s time, we call it a – detour.

Detours are taking a turn from your actual destination to another place on the way, just to see the place, extend your road trip or just get lost in the way yet end up in a better place. It is all fun and experiential. It can also be, a last-minute change of plans.

Here are top 5 of India’s best detour, you should be aware of – Just in case.

1. Bangalore To Munnar: Through Waterfalls & Windmills

Entering a hill station from a city is too much excitement. Reason being, from hustle, traffic, noise, you are entering into a totally serene quiet place. The road from Bangalore to Munnar is smooth, calm and soul nourishing.

Time: 5 hours 26 minutes Distance: 242 kms National Highway: NH 275

2. Darjeeling To Pelling: Through The Kingdom Of Tea Gardens

North east can never go wrong. Darjeeling to Pelling will be a ride full of adventure, hilly ranges, tea gardens and wavy breeze. If you want to hit the road and get a thrill, road to pelling is your way.

Time: 2 hours Distance: 72.8 kms

3. Delhi To Mussoorie: From Metropolis To The Hills

We have all done Delhi to Agra, Delhi to Jaipur, but if you want opposites to attract, Delhi to Mussoorie is a perfect match. Mussoorie is of the best hill stations of India. This detour is the best break one can give themselves to slow down and enjoy the nature around them before heading north.

Time: 6 hours 40 minutes Distance: 281 kms National Highway: NH 58

4. Jaipur To Udaipur: A Royal Journey

A royal journey indeed. Jaipur to Udaipur will change colours, literally. From pink city to the city of white, one can expect a shift in emotions driving here. Jaipur and Udaipur are known for ascetical and traditional roots, it is sure to make you feel – Kingly.

Time: 7 hours Distance: 412 kms National Highway: NH 58

5. Mangalore To Goa (Via Gokarna)

This one is all beaches. Mangalore to Gokarna is south’s jewel. The long coastline, the free-falling breeze, the clear blue sky will make your detour the best possible decision of your travel life. The beauty of the drive is the excitement you feel every 10 kms, because every 10 kms, there’s a coastline, a beach, a river, lush greenery to die for.

Time: 7 hours 30 minutes Distance: 365 kms

The next time you want to try a new route, try these. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

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