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Breakup now! With your travel guilt.

Leave the guilt behind while traveling.

The Flapper Life wants to start the year with one of its resolutions.

‘Women should travel guilt free’

Oh, so you are taking a solo trip, who will take care of your husband? Did you ask your husband? What about your in-laws?

Such a careless mother, left her 2-year toddler with her husband and mother to take a solo trip.

She just had a divorce and look at her, no wonder.


As women, we have to pay for a vacation that takes us on a guilt trip.

Ladies, we have come long. From sati, to education, to healthcare and carving a solid space in every sector of the world.

As we enter this new decade, let us mandate new goals for yourselves. Let us love ourselves, take care of ourselves. Be our own priority.

Let the guilt, melt away and turn into solace. May our voice not hear the naysayers and only hear the noise of the flight taking off, the sea waves hitting the shores and your heart racing at the sight of sunsets.

It is not easy to take a trip without guilt being the excess baggage. But make sure, you do not pay for it.

Start this 2020, with travel goals that inspire you, scare you and compel you to take the road less taken. We are with you.

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