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Breathtaking sunrise, one must witness.

Sunrise. Beginning of a new day, new hopes and challenges. The brightness that kills all the darkness in your mind and let’s you be your own sunshine. Sunrises are beautiful. The thick clouds, floating in the sky, a ray of shine and light strikes right at you. There are numerous places in India, known for their breath taking and heart calming sunrises.

If you are a lover of watching the sun rise, you cannot miss to witness sunrise in these places.

1. Dong, Arunchal Pradesh.

The eastern most village in India, Dong is the first village in India where the sun rises. When most part of India is asleep, crisp orange rays sparks from the mountains and the dense sky. The sky looks sun kissed and why not!

In dong on an average the sun rises at 5:50 am and sets at 4:30 pm especially during winters. If one wants to catch the sunrise, tent around the dong mountain at 3:00 in the morning to catch the glimpse from the start.

2. Umian Lake, Meghalaya

Meghalaya, the land of clouds add a mystic glance to the sunrise. In and around Umian Lake before the sunrise, there is nice white mist waiting to be cleared once the sun slowly raises to the top, beaming at the lake and warming it up.

The sun usually raises around 4:50 am and set around 6:00 pm. If one wants to catch the sunrise, throw a mat around the lake and sit around to watch the magic.

3. Varkala Beach, Kerala.

Sunrise at the seashore, I already want to go. Varkala beach is one of the places, where you can feel the sun rising so close to the surface of the hills, you will feel, the sun was right behind the hills, hiding through the night. The sea beaming to the warmth of the sun rays, happily waving towards the day.

The sun usually raises around 6:14 pm and sets by 6:45 pm. If you do not want to miss the sun rise, sit on the sand, anticipating the sunrise shine twice as bright.

4. Pushkar, Rajasthan.

A land bordering the desert, a sunrise trek to watch the colours illuminate in front of your eyes. The sunrise point maybe steep to climb, but when you see the sun rise, it will all be worth it. As they say, the difficult climbs leads to the most beautiful view. Pushkar proves it.

The sun raises around 5:55 am and sets around late at 7:20 pm. To catch a glimpse of the sunrise, start an hour before the sunrise time and stretch until you stop and stare.

5. Tiger hills, Darjeeling.

The panoramic view of the sun rise peak between mount Everest and mount Kanchenjunga is reason enough to witness the sunrise here. The sun rising through these gigantic mountains, in soft mist colouring the sky from pale pink to organic orange within minutes.

The sun raises around 4:59 am and sets in the evening at 6:28 pm. To catch the sunrise, one can camp around tiger hill with the soothing Darjeeling tea in hand.

Sunrises are best seen through your bare eyes and not through your phone lens. Watch the sun rise and don’t bother capturing it on your phone, because what the mind captures, the filters cannot.

Which one do you want to see next?

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