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How many of us lost a pulse when we saw the amazon forest burning. The lungs of our earth were being ripped apart. Back home, the storms, the floods in U.P and Gujarat were saddening. Many lost their homes and over a hundred lost their lives and for most of them, life will never be the same as it was. Same goes with our Climate. It is already too late for us to the retrospect of what we could have done and whatnot.

Whoever says ‘CLIMATE CHANGE IS HOAX’ has not witnessed Antarctica melting away or the tropical regions heating up and going insane. While there are activists holding placards and voicing their miseries, the change is yet to roll. For those who do not understand the magnitude of this calamity, let us put this in perspective for you. Change in climate will result in a change in lifestyle and choices that one needs to make for oneself. For e.g. The Amazon forest was a paradise for nature lovers and the climate change returned the love, burning twice as hard?  A lot of travelers do not wish to go to places that are soaring high on heat and why not? A lot of avid divers have stopped snorkeling as they only get to see lifeless fishes and plastic beauty.

The threat of climate change is the biggest danger that we face as humans. Climate change not only affects the weather, but also the biodiversity, oceans, and ecosystems. The damage only gets bigger and bigger. As the future generation, we are snoozing through reality and becoming couch potatoes. For us, our life is sorted. We have the technology to the aid that makes us believe that our life is in our hands- Phone. But real life is outside of our four walls, deadlines and weed.  From a travel company’s perspective, one of the impacts that climate change will have is dead tourism. This, in turn, will break our economy and add to the existential crisis we are already facing.  There will be nothing left to see in its original state to buy a ticket to. We will have to show pictures because that is all that will be left. We will only have leftovers for our future generation.

 We need to preserve what we have. How do we do it? By initiating a change. A change for the masses. A change that urges people to introspect their actions. The guilt germ should set in the minute one thinks of throwing plastic down the drain or wasting water at the drops hat or dissing public transport. These are the small things that have become big over time and now, we regret the outbreak. We are a population that runs into millions of billions.

If we make one promise to ourselves to be thoughtful towards our climate and our planet, the day is not too far away that we will be able to reverse climate change and one day takes grandchildren to the historic and monumental places without any reservations. Let us breathe in the air of change, making a difference and passing the torch with something left to fight for. Climate change can change if we believe we can change too.

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