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Emerging countries in the field of travel.

Being in the travel industry for over 3 years now, we have seen a lot of transition in the way people choose to travel. From flying solo to choosing off beat destinations to taking trips solely for retreats and soaking, the dimensions of travel choices are evolving with each travel trends setting in. The recent trend of travel is traveling to the emerging travel destinations of the world.

The Flapper Life lists 5 such countries that have risen to be the go-to travel countries for most travel enthusiast.

  1. INDIA

For the longest time, India was called the land of serpents and clay pots, crime destination and un-English place. But the recent turn of events of our country in terms of growth, education, technology, we are speeding in the field of tourism as well. Over a dozen of UNESCO heritage sites, one of the wonders of the world, classic yet modern aesthetics, friendly people, mouth watering food, cultural and religious diversity have given India a spot for being in the top 5 emerging travel destinations.


New Zealand is known to strike a cupid’s arrow with every traveler who wishes to witness serenity, clear sky and kiwis. Right from Auckland to Wellington, New Zealand has grown from strength to strength in the list of tourist friendly places. Home to 4.5 million people, the kiwis are good nature people minding their business. Known to be one of the safest places for travel, no wonder it has hit a cord with the travelers.


One of the emerging destinations in South East Asia, Vietnam and Cambodia have attained fame thanks to their cost friendly travel options, clean beaches, happy go lucky people. With the French influenced fashion, really cool architecture to name a few. Since the past 5 years, this place is hosting tourists from all parts of the world throughout the year.

  1. Japan

There was a time when language and weather played a key role in deciding whether to travel to a particular place or not. Japan was not a tourist destination for quite some time, however, the way it has built around with its resources over the past decade, has put Japan in the list of emerging travel destination. With the cherry blossoms, the calm and the spirit of the people, Japan stand out for giving rich travel experience.

  1. Kazakhstan

One of the most economically advanced places in the world, an oil baron country and one of the most mystical venues of the world, Kazakhstan is slowly but constantly emerging to be one of the most  off beats travel locations. Kazakhstan is considered to be safer than France and Germany. Now that is what highlights its fondness by travelers. Known for the Caspian sea and green market, it is the place to look out for!

Tell us in comments, which emerging destinations would you like to travel to with us!

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