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Flapper things to do in Nepal

Being one of the travel clubs for women that you can truly rely on, we found an urge to write about some of the best things to do in Nepal. To be more precise, we’d like to share some of the things that most of the Flappers find interesting to do in Nepal. Many of you wouldn’t think of much to do here in crowded and unorganized Nepal except restaurants and bar hopping, but if you start exploring Nepal bit by bit, you will surely find that there is a lot more to do than meets the eye.

  1. Go on a shopping spree in Kathmandu

Just walk out in the city, get lost in all the winding streets and shop your way through. Shopping in Kathmandu depends solely on your taste. But, there’s everything you can shop ranging from trekking gear, local arts, to souvenirs and all.

  1. Get high with holy men on Shivaratri

Marijuana is illegal for most of the year in Nepal. Except during the Shivratri festival.. On these two days, young and old, male and female, smoke a joint or imbibe ganja ‘tea,’ to honor Hindu Lord Shiva. If you happen to be in Kathmandu during this time, visiting the Pashupatinath Temple — the holiest Hindu site in Nepal — can be a colorful but crowded experience.

  1. See a real-life yeti skull in Khumjung

Behind the grimy glass of a small cabinet in the Khumjung Monastery sits a yeti skull. Sit with the locals at the monastery and get to know the various stories that revolve around this mystic skull.

  1. Cook like a LOCAL


No trip to Nepal is complete without eating healthy portions of MoMos and Dal Bhaat. Learn how to cook these delicacies from a local and take the skill home.

This half day activity is full of fun, and the results are tasty and makes you real proud.

  1. Stay at a rural homestay

Nepal has many beautiful hotels from the cities to the mountains, but for an intimate, peaceful and local experience, homestays are the best options. Homestays are also a good way to meet and interact with local women, something that is often difficult in Nepal because of the dominance of men in the tourism industry.

Curated by – Krishnaa Thorat ..And your very flesh shall be a great poem. A recovering dessert addict (just kidding), I write about things I care about. I can fluently talk in Bollywood dialogues and F.R.I.E.N.D.S quotes. Trying to elevate small talk to medium talk – help me, pretty please?

Instagram: KrishnaaThorat

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