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Gulliver’s travel with a twist.

We all love to travel. The world is a traveling oyster. Anyone reading this who believes he does not travel has read-only 1 page of the travel book. Adjectives fall short when one describes the beauty of traveling. For once, bragging is considered subtle.


A decade ago, travel has its own definition. We either traveled for work or when we were shifting homes. However, the new transition that the world has witnessed in multi-dimensional areas, has made travel a sorted notion. It has given a new meaning to traveling and transformed its existence for most people.

The progression has been so advanced that today there are 28 types of travelers who you will encounter while on your way. Here’s our pick of the top 3 travel types.

1- The mainstream tourist.


This category of tourist travel safe. Their idea of traveling is old school. They travel only with their family or they travel only post-retirement. They travel to holy places and back. They want everything to be prim and proper. Right from the hotel to the food to the sight seeing. Perfect. Their idea of travel is fixed. It is with a purpose, an aim to complete the checklist before saying checkmate.

2- The devil-may-care traveler.


This category is travelers are like free-flowing water, they just keep moving, they keep going. They are the bunny of ‘Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani’. They will travel anywhere, in just a pair of jeans and a couple of t-shirts and a backpack. They explore, dive into adventure and take the road less traveled.

They soak in the sun as well as surf in the high waves. They are not fussy. They eat in the street and sleep on the public bench. They are quick and dirty. They are the ones who come back with tons of memories and bagful of learning.

3- I only travel for my social media traveler.


The invasion of social media made people especially youngsters go bonkers. So much so that every deal is about pictures and likes and hashtags. A lot of people travel to click pictures and pretend to have a happy go lucky chill life. They are okay to miss watching the sunset into the horizon of the ocean but hey, it okay till the time they click a picture of it.

They might be mad standing at the cue for long hours but yet, clicking a selfie-and adding the caption, ‘excited to go to mountain top’ covers for their actual emotions. Do not even get started on the selfie sticks and going live on Instagram at the drop of the hat. It is insane.


These type of traveler run the risk of hurting the natives as they do not seek their permission before getting a snap.

When they come back from their trip, all they have is pictures and more pictures. If you ask them to be a storyteller, the silence just grows stronger.

So which category do you fall into? or wait,  do you have your own category?

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