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How to plan a road trip for beginners

The future is road trips. Your tribe and you, hitting the roads, feeling the winds, listening to safarnama while taking sharp turns in the lanes of Kasol or Goa! Road trips make the trip far more memorable than the trip or the place itself.

The basic steps of a road trip are: Having a destination in mind, a vehicle and permits.

However, that’s not all. The Flapper Life lets out its secret called – 13 reasons how to nail your beginner's road trip with basic steps.

1. Choose a route and stick to it. We do not see a reason to take short cuts or ‘ kachha raasta’ to reach faster. Slow and steady wins the travel race.

2. Plan for stops. If your destinations is an 18-hour drive, you should halt every 6 hours or 9 hours depending on how many turns each person can take to drive. Plan your stops by marking them on the navigator or maps.

3. Make sure you choose the correct time to travel to that place. Making a road trip plan to visit Mumbai during monsoon will be more of an imagica road trip. Plan your road trip based on the conditions of the place, its highway construction and road hygiene.

4. Pre-book accommodation for layovers. Driving in the night on the expressway is not ideally recommended. In such a scenario, avoid the night drive and make a stop where you will find a 3-4 star accommodation.

5. This one is a must. Have a road trip playlist. One for the mornings, one for the post-lunch vibe and one for the late evening drive.

6. Pack light. You want to fit in as much as you need, whether they are clothes or fast food.

7. Look out for your travel sickness and prepare the first aid kit, essentials equipment’s accordingly.

8. Have a plan B. An escape plan in case the road leading to your destination is shut or needs a longer detour. For. E.g. If you are travelling to Goa, but can’t make it there, choose, Gokarna, Karwar as your Plan B

9. Anticipate trouble spots. Accident-prone areas, wildlife spotted, the thieves ahead. Though you should not fear the unknown, preparedness is much appreciated.

10. Have a defined navigation system. Always stick to your maps. Know the petrol pump stops.

11. Sort out your documentation, permits and license papers to avoid any inconvenience.

12. Learn the basics of the mechanic. How to pump and correct the puncture.

13. Have helpline numbers handy. Expressway helpline, police helpline of that come under the route.

Travel proof your road trips with these points

Let’s get our trips rolling!

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