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How to Talk to Strangers on a trip

There are some people who can strike a conversation with just about anyone! And then there are some, who are good listeners, great observers who take time to warm up and feel comfortable with strangers around them.

Especially during travel, we are already anxious about our trip, our food and travel sickness, and to top it off, meeting strangers. Suppose you are on a 5-day trip, it can get rather difficult to shell out soon enough to get pally with a stranger on a trip. To get comfortable around strangers takes time and it is completely normal to feel scared even to say a Hi.

On our trips, we see so many women transform on our trips with a mere push, smile or an ice-breaker. To make your trips easy, we are sharing our secret. Here are our 5 tips to strike a conversation with a stranger you’ve just met on the trip.

1. Break the ice.

You are sharing the bus ride and a woman who is a part of the trip sitting beside you. Awkward silence can get weird too. First off, Smile. That makes it a kind start. Keep it general.

2. Share a previous travel story

Sharing a story always helps bask in some comfort. Share a detail about the place you visited or about the place, you are in now. Try to understand what their travel type is like. Keep your story and information brief. Make sure, you are not invading their personal time.

3. Ask open-ended questions.

How did you decide on to this place? How did you hear about this travel company? What’s your day like? These questions should come in handy once you have managed to break the ice and feel a lot more comfortable than before.

4. Disclose a little about yourself.

Caution. Do not overshare.

Tip. Keep it basic. Where are you from, your hobbies. Try to find a common ground to keep the conversation going.

5. Find something that you have in common, apart from travelling.

Over time, try to build a rapport with each other by building on the common traits. Keep the talks light and general. Avoid asking religious and political view unless you get really comfortable and tolerant of each other.

The first step is always difficult. But is also the most liberating of them all. To strike a conversation with a complete stranger and later, call that stranger, your travel mate.

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