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How traveling helps better mental health.

2019 was all about giving travel a new definition. It was all about new and untested ways to traveling. Right from solo travel to slow travel to mindful travel, the travel industry saw growth not only in terms of turnovers but also in ways and types of travel.

It was last year, in one of our trips, we met a woman who was suffering from depression who took a trip with us. She felt liberated and could actually relate to herself. That is when we realized the importance of self-care travel.

What is self-care travel?

Self-care travel includes travel that helps you look out for yourself, travel that helps you pick up from where you left of and travel that helps you disconnect to connect.

This type of travel helps you unleash your inner sadness and anxiety and helps you create your own little sunshine. To be on your own, when your mental health is hanging through a cliff, traveling and being in a new place, helps you.

Traveling is the best shrink! The therapy it provides costs nothing but grants everything. It is just one of those things, when you are swinging in the park, you go back and forth, when you come back, you look forward to going up again, this time with more pace. That is exactly how you should use travel. To go forth for a trip that helps you get back and forward to life with more fire and zest for life.

Traveling helps better mental health that also includes:

  1. Improved Self Esteem

  2. Confidence

  3. You value your body

  4. You push out of your comfort zone.

Now that is travel growth. To see a different, you in the same place you lost yourself.

Simply enriching. Travel is looking out for you!

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