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Lost in the right direction.


took our breath away and brought us back to life.


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These words came to life for us when we embarked on our journey en route Ladakh.  All the stories that we heard about the Ladakh adventure were turning out to be true. Apart from the high voltage weather, the picturesque beauty and toxic free air, what really got our attention was the quality of life we missed back home.  The real change we witnessed was our outlook towards life.

We recall our time when heavy snow paralyzed our journey and how we stood by the situation in oneness. How the chill in the temperature could not rock the warmth in our unity. Destination and journey takes you to different head spaces. However, this journey gave us more memories and learning than anything else.


  1. Respect for your environment changes.

Hailing from city life, we are always at war with our weather conditions. However, the silent but strong winds, the -4 degree temp and fighting to catch a breath brought us to ground reality. LADAKH TAUGHT US TO APPRECIATE OUR LIFE BACK HOME.

ladakh pic2.jpg

2.The 18 year old U.P. waiter was the showstopper.

‘I am here for the peace, the quiet, the calm, so what if I earn less, I am happy and healthy.’ This was his answer when we quizzed his existence here, for his age and his metro background. In our fast paced life, we almost never value our mental or physical health. THIS METRO YOUNGSTER TAUGHT US TO VALUE OUR LIFE.

ladakh pic2.jpg

3.Seeing anonymous people united.

When you witness a truck stuck in the middle of the ghat in deep snow blocking your way, you instant impulse is to attack and blame. But the Ladakh blood boils differently. Our driver got down to push the stuck vehicle out and what followed took us by surprise. There were more than 15 vehicles lined behind us. All of their drivers got down to lend a helping hand to our driver. One needs to learn selflessness and team work from these guys.  Despite the frightful weather and slippery way, all the drivers had the best grip. LADAKH  FOLKS TAUGHT US THAT – UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL.


4.The only thing that kept us warm were the people around us.

Whether it was watching our army forces stand day in and day out to shield us or it was the locals uplifting our morals throughout the back breaking adventure, we felt at ease. We felt a series of emotions down our nerves but never ever did giving up come as an option. The life in Ladakh is a life in its own. LADAKH MADE OUR HEART BEAT DIFFERENTLY.

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The indomitable spirit, the efficacy in dealing with everyday life and the never say die attitude got us to our knees. This trip was one of a kind. This travel made us modest. We came back the same yet different. This is what travelling does to you. You heal; you experience life in real terms.

If you wish to live an experience of this scale, flapper life is your destination.

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