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Mountains are calling!

Mountains, right from the sun kissed Himalayas, to the warm but cold K2 make us scream- Take my breath away. That is the impact the snow-clayed mountains have on us. Right from playing snow man to feeling the rush of reaching the highest peak and screaming from your gut. From watching, ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ and wanting to book a trip right away to watching the documentary on climbing Everest and feeling the rush of wanting to do the same.


So how do you plan this trip keeping the above stated in mind?Apart from carrying warm clothes, trekking shoes, woolen caps and all the other aesthetics, one also needs to carry some magic home remedies for any sudden or late minute hiccups. We list 5 home remedies to carry for your mountain trip to go smooth.

  1. Ginger

  1. Herbal tea

  1. Lavender oil and coconut oil and apricot

  1. Pickle juice

  1. Lemon


Take the mountain trial with us and do not forget to carry a few of the travel home remedies, just in case.

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