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On your own or with your own ones?

How do you like your vacations? Hop from one place to another or be stationed like a tree enjoying the wind and view? The most important one, Alone or with Family? Well, this question can be tricky. With the kind of lifestyle we all stay in, with the rise in our demanding career and our need for our space, it gets pretty difficult to choose a type for ourselves. Because we like both, we enjoy both and we long for both.

The flapper life brings to you the difference between family holidays and the me-time holidays. How diversity brings the change in you and makes you a better traveler.

Family Holiday

  1. You  bond with your family. The everyday time goes in work, daily commuting and stress sleep. During holidays, you get the liberty to spend effective time with your loved ones. 

  2. You can relax without any tension. You know exactly how your parents like the vacation, what your sibling likes to explore, so you know how to make the most of your vacation.

  3. You care. You want to make sure everything is taken care of. Right from the food to the hotel stay to the site- seeing, you have an eye for detail with immense care.

  4. Your comfort reaches new heights. You know if you don’t like the food, your mother must have packed some Ghar ka khana. If you forgot to carry some extra clothes, your sibling will be accommodating [ of course with some bickering] and you can always snooze your alarm shamelessly knowing your human alarms are around. 

  5. You are both happy and sad about the vacation ending. You are happy about the memories, the leisure and the fun. And you of course you are sad because just. You always want some more!

Me-time Vacation


  1. Do the hell what you want. Whether it is sleeping all day or jumping around the city or just food tasting, you are the king/queen. You can design the trip as and how you want.

  2. Trying new things. Right from the destination, cuisine and culture. Learn the art or music or the lingo. Learn how the natives live there, talk to them and spend time with the city. 

  3. Travel the road less taken. Go to the place that is the least known as opposed to the famous ones only. But since it’s you taking the final call, visit the less visited even if it takes hours to drive there.  

  4. You will be careful, cautious and alert. That’s good. It will teach you self care and better understanding of your limitations, your strengths, likes and dislikes. It will help you learn things faster since you have to do it on your own. Being on your own can be as daunting as exciting as it gets. Best of both world.

  5. You are both happy and sad about the trip ending. You just loved spending time with yourself and getting to know yourself better and you are sad because you did not want the me- time to end. 

So what’s your vacation type, Hum Saath Saath hai or Dil Chahta hai!

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