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Steps to decide on how to travel solo.

Solo traveling is attractive. It is beautiful to be on your own especially when you have waited all your life to be on your own in your own la la land. But, taking the plunge is the decider. To do or not to. To carry on or let go. To go on a solo trip is great, but to take that decision requires you to let go off that fear and just do it.


It is not an easy one. To take permission, to face rejection, to hear the odds and what not. But you need to decide anyway. It is your interest, your dream and no one should teach you otherwise.

So how do you decide? The Flapper Life will help you gain clarity.

Well, it not crazy difficult neither overtly overwhelming. Follow these 5 basic steps and off you go!

  1. Ask yourself- Why?

  1. Choose your destination wisely.

  1. Go with the flow

  1. Ask. Learn.

  1. It is okay to feel, lonely.


Solo travel will really challenge you as a person. It will help you be better at having conversations, getting social. You will be more adaptive and courageous. So, when are you taking your shot at solo?

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