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Why you should travel with your mother.

You don’t need a reason to travel with your mother, the one who gave you, your first ever trip.

All you need is time, other than the obvious travel necessities.

Amid this lock down, you have plenty of time to discuss with your mom about her bucket list. Probably you want to take her to your favorite place.

The Flapper Life would like to state top 5 reasons that will make you want to take your next trip with your Super Mom.

  1. It is the best way to catch up. To talk to her about her life, her daily routine and watch her complaint about how your dad still puts the wet towel on the bed.

  2. Taking a trip with your mom will make you feel secure and safe, because if anything goes wrong, moms know how to get it right.

  3. You will get to see the real, off guard side of your mom. See her talk about her dreams and how she always wanted to do that boat ride.

  4. You can detox and share your feeling with her, knowing that your secrets are safe. An earful of yelling though, but that’s maa ka pyaar.

  5. Memories for life. A trip like this, will help you two grow closer into love and care and lots of crazy selfies.

Photo from Shreya Kamath (1)

We are sure, you cannot wait to take a trip with your mother soon!

On behalf of The Flapper Life, wishing every mother, a very Happy Mother’s Day in advance!

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