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15 Reasons Women Should Visit Vietnam

In the heart of Southeast Asia lies the bustling yet quaint country of Vietnam that calls to women with its captivating blend of ancient traditions and modern allure. From the vibrant streets of Hanoi, where echoes of history resonate in every corner, to the serene waters of Ha Long Bay, where nature's beauty knows no bounds, this vibrant nation weaves a tapestry of experiences just for you ladies.

In this article, we invite every woman wanderer out there to embark on a mesmerizing journey through Vietnam, discovering why this should be the top travel destination for all women. From its rich cultural heritage and delectable cuisine to breathtaking natural wonders and a welcoming spirit, Vietnam offers a feast of delights for you, whether you're an adventurer seeking thrilling escapades or a history enthusiast tracing the footsteps of a bygone era.

So, grab your bags and purses, immerse yourself in the allure of Vietnam, and uncover the top 15 reasons why it should be at the very top of your travel bucket list this year.

1. Pretty With Pedals Cycling in Vietnam is not merely a sport; it is a way of life, especially for women. From grandmothers to school girls, everyone embraces this eco-friendly mode of transportation. As you pedal through the country's picturesque landscapes, you will feel the heart of Vietnam beneath your bike's wheels. The quiet countryside roads take you past lush rice paddies and charming villages, allowing you to connect with the local culture in an intimate way.

2. Walking With Women For women who prefer the rhythm of their footsteps, Vietnam offers enchanting paths that lead to hidden temples and friendly farmers going about their daily chores. These walks are more than just a physical journey; they are a path to serendipity. The country's diverse terrain, from serene forests to bustling markets, ensures there's something for every type of woman.

3. Hotels & Heels Vietnam offers an array of safe, women-friendly accommodations, from luxurious beachfront resorts to charming boutique hotels. Whether you're seeking a therapeutic escape or a crazy adventure, there's a perfect hotel waiting for you girls. Enjoy the breathtaking views, pampering amenities, and exquisite service that Vietnam's hotels have to offer.

4. World Of Wellness Vietnam is a wellness haven for women looking to rejuvenate their mind, body, and soul. Pamper yourself with traditional spa treatments, practice yoga by the beach, and savor healthy Vietnamese cuisine. The holistic wellness options here will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

5. Sweet & Savoury Scenes For foodies, Vietnam is a culinary delight. The country is known for its vibrant street food culture, where you can savor pho, banh mi, and fresh spring rolls. Additionally, don't miss the chance to attend cooking classes led by talented local chefs who will teach you the art of crafting these delectable dishes

6. Crafty & Cute Vietnam's rich artisanal culture showcases the skill of master craftspeople, especially women. Explore traditional craft villages and watch skilled artisans create beautiful silk products, lacquerware, and ceramics. You can also take home unique, handcrafted souvenirs that showcase the nation's artistic heritage.

7. Culture Chique Vietnam is a harmonious blend of cultures and traditions, making it a captivating destination for women travelers interested in history and heritage. Discover ancient temples, visit historic sites, and immerse yourself in the fascinating stories of the Vietnamese people. Don't forget to explore the charming Hoi An Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

8. Melodies & Madams Experience the enchanting diversity of Vietnam's musical landscape, where traditional folk melodies resonate, classical instruments serenade with their melodic renditions, and contemporary pop tunes invite you to groove. Let the captivating music of Vietnam serenade your senses, offering a delightful experience for all the women out there.

9. Art Of Aesthetics The architecture in Vietnam is a sight to behold, with a blend of traditional and modern designs. Marvel at the intricately designed pagodas, vibrant French colonial buildings, and the striking skyscrapers of Ho Chi Minh City. Every architectural wonder tells a unique story of Vietnam's past and present.

10. Women Of Water For the water-loving ladies, Vietnam offers a wide array of aquatic experiences. Cruise through the stunning Halong Bay, explore the mystical caves of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, and snorkel in the crystal-clear waters of the Cham Islands. The water adventures here are second to none.

11. Festive & Fabulous Vietnam is renowned for its vibrant festivals and celebrations. Experience the lively atmosphere of the Tet Lunar New Year, attend the colorful lantern festivals in Hoi An, or participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival. These celebrations provide a unique insight into Vietnamese culture and traditions.

12. The Caffeine Crazy Coffee lovers, rejoice! Vietnam is famous for its delicious coffee, particularly the iconic Vietnamese iced coffee (ca phe sua da). Enjoy a cup of this sweet and strong brew in one of the country's numerous coffee shops. The coffee culture here is an experience in itself.

13. Shopping On The Waves Explore the fascinating floating markets of the Mekong Delta, where local women sell fresh produce and goods from their boats. This unique experience allows you to witness the vibrant trading culture of the region and taste some of the freshest fruits and snacks available.

14. Vegan & Vegetarian Wonders Vietnam is a paradise for women with dietary preferences for vegan or vegetarian options. The country's cuisine boasts a wide range of plant-based dishes, from hearty noodle soups to fresh spring rolls. Enjoy the delicious flavors of Vietnam while sticking to your dietary choices.

And finally……..

15. The Flapper Life - YEPPP!! A travel company that can actually take you to this country to experience it all. Who Are We: The Flapper Life is an extraordinary travel company that delves into the world of women’s experiential, local, cultural, and adventurous travel across destinations all around the world. We may not be the first women-only travel company, but we’ve quickly become the epitome of everything a woman wanderer needs. Our experiences are carefully curated to enchant and captivate, leaving you ladies with memories that will dance in your heart for years to come. So, if you're a spirited and wandering woman with a thirst for adventure, join us today!

While our tickets reach far and wide, our Vietnam Holiday is a little too special. Let us explainWe're thrilled to announce an exclusive Vietnamese trip tailored just for women, where we'll explore the rich culture, stunning landscapes, and vibrant communities of this beautiful country. Get ready to embark on a unique adventure that celebrates empowerment, sisterhood, and the beauty of Vietnam. Let's make memories that last a lifetime while discovering the magic of this remarkable destination together.

Flapper Route: Hanoi - Ninh Binh - Halong Bay - Da Nang - Ba Na Hills - Ho Chi Minh


● Duong Tau Street, Train Street: Experience the unique charm of Hanoi's old quarter with its narrow streets and bustling train tracks.

●Water Puppet Show: Witness a traditional art form that brings Vietnam's folklore to life.

● Temple Hopping: Explore the spiritual side of Vietnam by visiting some of its most iconic temples.

● Cave & Tunnel Exploration: Discover the hidden wonders of Vietnam's underground world.

● Halong Bay Cruise: Sail through the iconic limestone karsts of Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

● Local Shopping: Dive into the local markets to find unique souvenirs and treasures.

● Cable Rides: Soar above picturesque landscapes and enjoy breathtaking views.

● Village Tours: Get a glimpse of authentic village life and interact with the locals.

This is just the beginning of your journey through Vietnam. Each day promises new adventures, stunning landscapes, and cultural discoveries that will leave you with a lifetime of memories.

So Don't miss the opportunity to embark on this incredible journey through Vietnam with us, where ancient traditions and modern wonders combine to create a truly unforgettable travel experience. Vietnam is waiting to welcome you with open arms and a world of adventures.

Vietnam 2023 Dates: 1st - 9th December


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