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Terms and Conditions 

Upon Confirmation to block your seat: 
• To book your trip, you have to follow the following steps
➢ Transfer 30% of payment of the journey amount. The balance of 70% payment of the 
journey amount needs to made 20 days prior to the journey. 
➢ In case, you are booking the journey with us within 20 days of the trip commencement day, 
we will need 100% amount of the journey paid towards the journey for us to confirm the 
seat for you. 
• You should book your travel tickets ONLY after
➢ Your receiving confirmation of journey (COJ) from the Flapper Life (TFL).
➢ Your receiving the timing preferences for the flight from TFL




Booking Conditions: 
• A trip will be organized if minimum 7 Flappers are confirmed to travel on the trip. 
• In case the trip gets cancelled from our end, we will refund the amount paid by you towards the journey
and there will be no refund for the airtickets. We advise you to secure your tickets cancellation amount
and book the tickets through our partnered company at flexible pricing. Please speak to the Flapper Team 
for same. 
• If there are less than 7 people for a journey, and if they ask us to, we may continue with the journey with 
additional costs, if any. 
• Our trips start from the destination airports, and does not include flights. Hence TFL is not liable for any 
charges, including flight cancellation charges, if trips are cancelled or changed due to any reason.
• Detailed essentials and packing list for the journey will be shared 20 days prior to the journey. 
• Full Payment of the trip cost must be made 20 days before the trip begins. Pending Payment may 
eventually lead cancelling your participation in the trip we are hosting. 




Cancellation Policy: 
• Cancellation within 30 days of Trip commencement date: 70% refund of the journey amount
• Cancellation within 20 days of Trip commencement date: 50% refund of the journey amount
• Cancellation within 10 days of Trip commencement date: 25 % refund of the journey amount
• Cancellation within 9 or less days of Trip commencement date: 0% Refund of the journey amount
• In case of Wildlife Safaris, full payment is required at the time of booking, and no amount will be refunded 
for cancellation irrespective of number of days. 

• We keep our trips flexible, so you can enjoy it to fullest. However, any additional activity/places to be 
covered will be at additional cost and will be covered only if the majority of the group wants to cover.
• The Air Conditioning in the vehicle generally is advised to be switched off in the hills/mountain terrain for 
safety of the travellers and ease of travel along uneven & dangerous routes. Switching off of the air 
conditioning will be at driver discretion. 
• You are booking full trip with us, and no refunds shall be made towards any inclusion(s)/experiences not 
availed by the Client.
• We keep many activities like adventure as optional since some people may not want to do those activities. 
Hence, the cost of such activities is additional, to be borne by those who want to avail it.
• No trade-offs with cost of the journey shall be made towards any inclusion(s)/experiences not wanting to 
avail by the Flapper.
• The Flapper Life shall not be responsible for any delays or alterations in the program or indirectly 
incurred expenses in cases such as Natural Hazards, accident, breakdown of machinery, weather 
conditions, Flight delays, landslides, political closure, Traffic jams or any other incident not in control 
of TFL directly.
• We highly recommend you signing up for insurance policy covering the expenditure of 
sickness/accidents or any losses incurred due to theft or any other mishaps, your trip and adventure 
you would be attempting. Please speak to our team to know more about the additional insurance 
• Injuries, illness and any other such mishap is not covered under trip costs.



Flapper Etiquette at destinations: 
• Here at TFL, we stand united in recognizing the incredible power of women as a force of positivity.
Hence, we have strictly Zero tolerance policy for shaming anyone, including but not limited to fellow 
travellers, flapper coach, other people, hotel staff, drivers, locals and in general, just about anybody. 
• We also have strict no tolerance policy against groupism, bullying anyone or in general making or 
acting in ways that can harm mental peace or enjoyment of others around you. 
• No act of misconduct or indiscipline shall be tolerated on the trips.
• Rudeness serves no purpose. Any form of Misbehaviour and / or Rude behaviour with our Flapper 
Coaches will not be tolerated under any circumstances. We hold our people with respect, and we 
expect the same from you. We reserve the right to cancel your trip in the middle of the journey for 
breach this, and above three points.
• Respect yours and others' time. It will help us have more fun. Your delay can mean missing out on 
some inclusions. TFL will not be liable for missing out on inclusions due to delays created by any one 
or more flappers on the trip. 
• Travelers must take care of their luggage & belongings. TFL shall not be accountable for missing items 
along the tour.
• Kindly listen to your Flapper Coach for smooth journey.




• Check-in & Check-out timings will be as per hotel rules & regulations.
• Carry your original valid identity card to show at the Hotel for check-ins & checkouts and for any kind 
of on-the-go permits. In case of some states in North India, Aadhar card is not accepted as valid 
document. One can provide Passport /Voter’s Id. 
• Many flappers request twin beds for their rooms. While we strive to accommodate this preference, it 
may not be possible in every destination. If having twin beds is essential for your comfort, please 
notify us in advance. Availability is not guaranteed, as it is subject to the hotel's terms and conditions. 
Allocation will be based on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on the information you provide 
in advance. We maintain a priority list based on the time and day of your notification. Final allocation 
is contingent upon the availability of twin beds at the destination.




Food on the journey: 
• Stay and the meal plan will be as mentioned in the day-wise plan in the itinerary shared.
For any special meal plan kindly connect with the team before the journey.
• All the breakfast and Dinners will be vegetarian. You are free to have your choice of meal at an 
additional cost if there is an option available in the Hotel. 
• The food provided in the Hotels will be as per general destination standards. 
• You may wish to have a meal at some other place, or outside of what is included in the trip. You are 
free to do so at your own costs, and without disturbing the trip timelines and routine.




• Airport pick-up and drop-off will be at a fixed location and time as mentioned in the itinerary. In case you 
choose to arrive/depart at different timings, airport transfers will be at an additional cost. 
• Solo Travel Time – Definition: Your independent exploration during free time or if you opt to venture 
solo without the group. If you decide to spend time apart from the group, please inform the Flapper 
Coach. Ensure you have reviewed the safety guidelines provided by the local team, as you will be 
responsible for your safety while traveling alone. In case as a group you choose to do additional 
sightseeing; the entire cost will be distributed among the Flappers wanting to go. While Flapper Coach 
will be accompanying the group but will not be liable to pay for same. 
• Any kind of disagreement or dissatisfaction with the service during the journey is to be communicated to 
the Flapper Coach immediately. It will help us give you better service on the journey itself. 
Hierarchy for service dissatisfaction to be followed: 



Line of Contact Designation Contact

  • The first line of contact is Flapper Coach for your journey Number as mentioned in the essential document. 

  • The second line of contact Operations Manager at +919892269782

  • Third Line of contact Founder & CEO


Confidentiality of Information: 
• The photos/videos content created on The Flapper Life trip (by The Flapper Life Coach/Photographer 
onboard) is the property of The Flapper Life and can only be used by The Flapper Life for advertising 
across media platforms. 
• The digital content created by TFL cannot be used without obtaining the rightful permissions by 
the concerned team at The Flapper Life. 
• The photo consent form (Signed by you separately) is part of these terms and conditions​

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