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Responsible Tourism Do's &  Don'ts 

Do's : 

  • Your safety is important to us and so is the protection of the culture and environment where we are traveling to.

  • Carry out everything you carried in – Do not discard anything in the environment. Keep it with you till you find a bin to dispose off.

  • Observe wildlife from a distance and do not cause a disturbance. Let them be in their own company.

  • Let’s be sustainable in Hotel rooms too. Turn off lights, AC, etc before leaving the room for the day. Hotel staff is usually busy and overworked; leave your room in a reasonable condition.

  • Immerse yourself in nature and the local environment to elevate your travel experience.

  • Travel light – Not only in terms of clothes or accessories but with zero expectations of the place. Trust us your fun will just double up.

  • Support Local businesses.


  • Do not travel with Single-use Plastic where the reusable option is available. Limit/Avoid your usage of plastic on travels.

  • Do not click pictures of locals without seeking their permission. Respect their privacy like yours. 

  • The Flapper Life is strictly against animal tourism. Adventure with animals involved is purely your choice

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