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Food stops in Amritsar you’ll regret you missed!

~Parishka Gupta

Amritsar is, arguably, the rightful food capital of India for all the best reasons. This city is genial and warm, ensuring that you feel like you’re being embraced with love all the time. Apart from the astounding Golden Temple and the heart-wrenching one-of-its-kind Partition Museum, the food in Amritsar will manage to become the highlight of your entire trip.

Dhabas are the building blocks of Amritsar. What glues them together is the love with which the food is served. Surely food all over Punjab is the same—lip-smacking and eye-watering—but there are a few spots in Amritsar that you can’t afford to skip. Allow us to spell it out again for you: Ditch the hotel buffets and go to the dhabas. Under any circumstances, do not drive out of this city without visiting the following food joints!

1. Brothers da Dhaba: Walking into this place is like stepping into well-oiled machinery. The constant babble of the crowd and hearty yelps of waiters passing instructions to the cook is music to the ears. The food here gives rise to a fiesta on your tongue. Don’t forget to get yourself a clay dish of semi-sweet firni!

Pro Tip: Order a steaming pot of Sarson ka saag along with makke ki rotis to experience a warm melancholy melt in your mouth.

2. Bharawan da Dhaba: Almost as good as Brothers da Dhaba, the variety of dishes available here will leave you in a fix as you struggle to decide which one to pick. Regardless of what your dinner selection is, Bharawan da Dhaba ensures that you leave the place contented to your heart.

Pro Tip: The Paneer Tikka Masala here is to die for

3. Kesar da Dhaba: This place is a small industry running in a dingy alley of Amritsar. Established with pride by Lala Kesar Mal in 1916, Kesar Da Dhaba was originally located in Lahore. It was shifted to Amritsar during the partition of 1947. A single Amritsari thaali is all you need to taste the flavours of history kept intact by this 101-year-old dhaba. Watch the ferocious gourmand in you emerge as you behold the enormous steel plate piled with delectable delicacies!

Pro tip: Skip your breakfast or keep it limited to a bare minimum if you want to enjoy food at Kesar Da Dhaba to the fullest. The food here isn’t for the weak of stomach!

4. Gururam Das Jalebis: This 70-year-old corner is made up of nothing but two gigantic cauldrons of, two men, and the secret recipe for some of the best jalebis ever. As you pick up the sweltering hot jalebi and open your mouth, the jalebi sings a sweet symphony. The sticky sweet syrup oozes out as you break the hot, orange surface with a surprisingly loud crunch. Do thank the two men for the orange, glistening spirals that set off a sensational gala in your mouth!

Pro tip: Strike when the jalebis are hot! Having them cold just isn’t the same!

5. Kulcha Land: All you have to do is pick a kulcha and they’ll manage the rest. Served with a chickpeas curry and onion in green chutney, the kulchas here will manage to slip down your throat effortlessly. A bottle of Thumbs Up would do very well indeed! As you gorge, an ear-to-ear smile would be plastered on your face. End your meal with a hot bowl of gur ka halwa that dances lightly on your tongue before going down.

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