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Heard of Traveling light?

Raise your hand if packing your bag for your much-awaited trip is a herculean task. Your entire day goes in finding the lost pair of socks and that scarf you kept from your school trek for future treks.

If your 5-day trips, is a 15 kg bag with still some more stuff to stuff in. If you cannot decide if you want an extra pair of jeans or what if it rains there and your windcheater is not by your side.

The Flapper Life is here to help you take the weight down.

Why travelling light is the best thing you have done to yourself.

  1. You can carry your own bag without any difficulties or paying the guilt tip to potters.

  2. You can check in the bag in the cabin space of airplanes and save time waiting at the luggage belt.

  3. You can easily find your clothes when it is less in quantity.

  4. You can travel hassle free, without the excess baggage claim and charge.

How to travel light?

  1. Three’s not always a crowd. Wear one, wash one and dry one. Repeat. 3 pair of shirts, tops, jeans, under garments and flip flops.

  2. Ditch the big suitcase for a backpack. It will fit. You will have to take it as a challenge. Not to dump the clothes, but make space for its place. Where you can find it easily.

  3. Keep a must have list handy. Since most of us pack last minute, the excitement and stress of it will make us forget, sometimes the most important things. There are people who forget to carry their passports. Ha!

Packing is a very personal idea of do’s and don’ts. More often than not, it will save your spine and sanity.

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