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Karnataka releases a set of guidelines for inter-state travel involving Maharashtra

~Parishka Gupta

In the light of the ongoing pandemic situation, Karnataka has issued a set of guidelines for short inter-state travel in India, implying the term for travel is equal to or less than 2 days. This decision was made on 6 November 2021, amidst a meeting of the State advisory board, after the COVID situation flared up slightly in the state of Maharashtra.

The state of Karnataka requires passengers from Maharashtra to be asymptomatic. They will also undergo thermal screening to check for fever. Passengers must also carry a certificate for being fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine.

Travellers from Maharashtra are obliged to strictly adhere to COVID 19 guidelines, which include wearing a mask at all times and keep sanitizing their hands throughout. It should be noted that the mandatory RT-PCR tests will be waived off if passengers follow the given guidelines meticulously.

These guidelines are applicable for passengers moving between Karnataka and Maharashtra for business travels or short stays.

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