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Spend a Day in Majuli Island

~Parishka Gupta

When God was carving heaven, he dropped many spare parts on Earth. One of them is the Majuli island in Assam, the world’s largest river island. Although this island is slowly dissipating due to erosions, its tranquil beauty remains intact.

An excellent piece of earth to get away to for a day, Majuli is a petite paradise packed with abundant flora and fauna. This magical place can only be reached by ferry, which is what makes it all the more exciting! This unspoiled destination sits comfortably in the grand Brahmaputra, which plays a pivotal role in its beauty. Majuli island also has a splash of history and culture, enriching its essence even more.

The Neo Vaishnavite tradition is settled in the Majuli island. The 22 Vaishnava Satras are the main tourist attractions of Majuli. These Satras house ancient traditions like the ‘Chali dance’, ‘Jumora Dance’ etc. Bihu is the best festive season for you to pay this island a little visit.

Here’s how you can spend a day in Majuli, Assam!

1. Kamalabari Satra and Dakshinapat Satra: A popular hub of Neo Vaishnavite culture, art, literature and classical studies, Kamalabari Satra also holds a number of ancient manuscripts and golden pieces of art belonging to the Vaishnavite culture. Dakshinapat Satra is well known for the thronging Vaishnavaite festivals that it holds every now and then, like Rasotsava. Sing and dance as you chant the lord’s name and get swept off your feet in a current of spiritual ecstasy.

2. Tengapania: A well-known vista viewpoint, Tengapania is a beautiful temple adorned by pillars and statues. You get to see the mighty Brahmaputra River in its full glory. Take a stroll on the banks of the river as you take the serenity of the amazing Tengapania temple.

3. Spend some quality time with the Brahmaputra River: You can always drop your itinerary, pick up a picnic basket and hire a ferry. As you sail downstream on the lulled yet powerful waters of the Brahmaputra, you’ll what a great companion solitude, in addition to fresh winds and greenery, makes at times.

In Majuli, you’ll learn to call silence deafening. The villages here are whimsical in nature. One can take some of the best morning walks in these villages. Live your countryside dream in the Pathorichuk villages that requires you to cross a number of rickety bridges to get there.

You’ll never run out of sunsets to marvel here. Your mouth will be left hanging open just a little bit every time you see the dulled ball of fire sink in the waters of Brahmaputra.

Every time you want to put down the weight of the world, rush to Majuli island. Do it as many times as you can, because this elfin piece of land won’t be here forever.

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