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Videsh ki Diwali!

How Diwali is celebrated Abroad.


Indian culture is infectious. The love and light that it spreads is beyond wonders. Indians are spread across the world, so they carry mini- India with them all along. As it is said, you may not live in India anymore, but India will always live in you wherever you continue to go. It is the festivals and the fun and the coming together that adds frolic to the occasion. Diwali is one such festival that gets people together. Living abroad, away from family itself is a difficult reality to live with; celebrating these festivals adds more to the meaning of it. The fear that your kids may not understand your culture is washed away for that period. You feel a ting of satisfied happiness.

The Flapper Life gets to you top 5 countries where Diwali is celebrated with the same fever as back home.


Known as Deepavali, it is a public holiday there. Right from lighting the diyas to putting beautiful rangolis and making sweets, it almost an Indian style International Diwali celebration. Having a huge Indian population can have its own perks. Beautiful flower and garland decoration teamed with breath taking lighting on the open streets of Singapore makes it a must visit places during Diwali.

2- Australia

Given the Indian population in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Australia is second on our list of must visit places during Diwali break. There is a Diwali federation square in Sydney that has grown to be the largest celebrators of Diwali. Cultural shows, dance performances teamed with fireworks.


Be weirdly surprised to see the calm and quite japan to turn into a tsuanamic wave during Diwali. Even the natives enjoy the festival as much as we do. The Japanese go to gardens, put up beautiful lanterns and decorate the trees. This becomes a must visit place for all those who wish to see a quite yet impactful Diwali

4- Britain

Indians are the second largest community in Britain. This has to come with its perks. Diwali is celebrated from head to toe the Indian style. Right from wearing Ethnic clothes, to going over to each other’s place to the authentic Indian Diwali cuisine to much more, it is again, an International Diwali festival.

5- Sri Lanka

Considering the reference of Diwali, Ravana and Lanka, Sri Lanka too celebrates Diwali as one of its own. They decorate their houses, light it up. The heritage that Sri Lanka possess, adds to the cultural cues. Sri Lanka is a must visit place for all its cultural and historical backgrounds.

So which is your pick of these 5 or wait, is it all 5 for sure! Connect with The Flapper Life to know more!

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