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12 must try experiences for every woman

The only source of knowledge is experience and you never truly understand something until it actually happens to you. Listed below are few experiences every woman must take not once but quite often.

Take a Solo Trip: Wake up in the morning to find no one around you and do whatever you want in your own way. The holiday is all yours – laze around, go shopping, eat what you want or just wander to new places. Real wanderlust is seeing the world , your way.

solo trip

Run for a Cause : Run for a cause or just tag along with your friends to have some fitness fun.

run for a cause

Take a Kickboxing/Karate Class: Learn to punch/kick someone very hard, don’t you think a learning like this you should take up right away? Good days or Bad Days this learning will help you to keep yourself safe.


Go on a Road Trip with your besties: Everyone loved Dil Chahta Hai and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobora, right? Why should boys have all the fun? Why not create your own memories and have fun with your besties? Whether it’s a road trip to a beach or a mountain – doesn’t really matter, just take one and make sure it’s an impromptu one.

Road trip

Go for a Music Fest:  Close your eyes, lose your hair, Let the volume turn up and music take over your soul.


Do something that scares you at least once a year: Experience breath-taking skydiving or learn scuba diving. Roam in Royal Havelis or have a wildlife experience in Africa. A new experience keeps you high at all the times.


Splurge: Splurge a little more on yourself for a luxurious travel trip.Spending money on experiences as opposed to material possessions leads to greater happiness. Remember investment in yourself is the best investment you can make.


Try new Cuisine: Try something new even if it looks scary to taste. Upchuck it out later but try for the anxious foodie in you.


Take yourself out for a date: Got out for a meal yourself – Have you ever tried this? If not, then must try. Go on a dinner date with yourself. Order wine and munch on tasty food just to feel awesome.

self date

Disconnect: Go somewhere remote and disconnect with your world for a while – Experience the beauty of nature without constant selfies or status updates and connect to the real you. Social Media Detox is in vogue because it cleanses your soul.


Soul pampering spa: Treat your body with a SPA – It’s always a good way to pamper yourself – so close your eyes and just feel the comfort. Bliss out.


Go trekking: Go do a Mountain Trek.Climb the mountain not for the world to see you, but for you to see the World. It’s not about conquering the mountain but it’s about conquering yourself.


There’s just one life to live and there is no time to wait to waste. How many experiences from his list have you ticked? Do let us know in comments below.

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