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5 Flapper Experience You Must Try In Ladakh


Everyone who have either heard or seen pictures of Ladakh always dreams to  pack their bags one day and take a trip to Ladakh just to feel the chilly cold breeze. With every movie shot in Ladakh, from Lakshya to 3 idiots, the demand of travelling to the beautiful place has increased.

There are various sight seeings that captures a tourist’s attention. The Flapper Life brings to you the 5 best places in Ladakh that the Flapper Life will take you to!

1. TURTUK – The Last Village In India.

Shot of Turtuk Village.

Located in the Nubra Tehsil, 205 km from the district headquarter Leh, on the banks of the Shyok River, Turtuk is the last village of India. The people here are welcoming and treats you like their own.

Surrounded by valleys, this gives a traveller an experience of serenity. The mixture of greenery and the river flowing side by side to the village is an eye pleasing sight.

2. ALCHI MONASTERY – Place to attain peace.

Landscape view of the Monastery.

Alchi is located on the south bank of the Indus River at an altitude of 3,100 metres (10,200 ft) and 65 kilometres (40 mi) outside of Leh (to its west). This place is suitable to visit from May to October.

The Buddhist Monastery has four shrines – Dukhang, Sumtseg, Manjushri Temple and Chortens. The best time to plan a visit to the Alchi monastery will be during the festival celebration like Chotrul Duchen, Dajyur, Galdan Namchot, Losar, Monlam and Sho Dun.

3. SHYOK RIVER – The Blue Gem.

Stretch of Blue Water River, Shyok.

The river flows through northern Ladakh in India and the Ghangche District of Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan spanning some 550 km (340 mi).

Shyok River literally means “The River of Death” in Yarkandi Uyghur, due to the wildness and the deadly beauty of this river. Also the route to this river is a difficult one. During the day, one can sit on the bank and enjoy the sight of crystal clear blue fresh water flowing through the valley.

4. Quad Bike Ride at Nubra

Our own Flapper enjoying Quad Bike Ride

The Nubra Valley is situated 150 km north of Leh.

The mixture of greenery, snow capped mountain and desert can be found it Nubra Valley. A famous spot for bike riding, mountain bike riding and camel riding, this makes Nubra valley, an attractive tourist spot. It is famous for the flora cover, where one can spot different types of flower beds covering the whole valley on one side.

The view is aesthetic and will make anyone feel that they have seen heaven. Hence, Nubra valley is also called “Heaven on Earth.”

5. Glamping Nights

Glamp Tents in Ladakh

Mix Glamour and Camping together, what do we get? Glamping!

Glamorous camping has become the new buzz word in luxury travel. It takes all the luxuries of a five star hotel and transposes it with exotic and scenic locations where little or no basic facilities are available.

Surrounded by mountains, open sky and forest, Glamping tents make your stay worthy. You can have your private tent and you can enjoy the scenery around you.

While glamping in Ladakh, one can witness panoramic view of the Himalayas and a beautiful night sky.


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