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5 hidden Kerala backwater destinations.

Kerala - God's own country is truly blessed with breathtaking scenic views. From soothing backwaters, stunning lighthouse lined beaches, abundant wildlife and dreamy hill stations to imposing forts, intricately designed temples, mosques, churches and Ayurveda retreats – the state has everything any traveler could ask. It's a perfect getaway for your girls squad to relax and have a soothing time.

While most people explore the more famous backwaters from Alleppey in luxury houseboats. We will dig up and look for hidden backwaters that Kerala has to offer.

Munroe Island.

The unexplored backwaters of Kerala at Munroe Island is where beauty and calmness meet. It is set amidst sprawling nature away from the claws of over-tourism and commercialisation, near Kollam. It is locally called Mundrothuruthu – at the confluence of Ashtamudi Lake and the Kallada River, comprising a group of eight small islets. Away from the hum-drum of the city life, navigating through the narrow and quiet palm-fringed channels of Munroe Island with backdrops of diverse flora and fauna felt so magical and calming at the same time.

Other attractions include: the Dutch Church, the blend of Dutch – Kerala architecture. The biodiversity of the area, bird watching from the bouncy kingfishers to majestic Brahminy kites and elegant egrets. One can also spice plantations, coconut farms and rubber manufacturers, coir retting process and coir weaving. A trip to Munroe Island seems like a much more authentic trip than a luxury houseboat.

Kozhikode Backwaters

Kozhikode backwaters is an unspoiled backwaters that provide the visitors to explore nature's beauty at its best. The palm-fringed rivulets, lakes, and canals offer the guests with perfect houseboat cruising. Explore the picturesque backwater while sailing on a houseboat, observe majestic surroundings and enjoy the tranquil soothing effect of the enchanting backwaters. Soak in the serenity as you cruise through the Kozhikode beach which is known for its serenity. The beach offers the most stunning view with two piers and a lighthouse. You will also get a chance to stop at the Pazhassiraja Museum which has a rare collection of gold and silver coins used by Vasco Di Gama and the Britishers.

Padanna Backwaters, Kasaragod

This is one of the few places in the state where modernization has yet not crept in..The old charm of the rural areas of Padanna still boasts of its backwaters today. This first of its kind theme village in Kerala is the center of oyster harvesting, which also happens to be a predominant occupation here. Besides relishing the backwaters on houseboats, tourists can also engage in mussel farming. Go touring on the houseboat or sunbathe at the Valiyaparamba beach.

One can also visit some places of high religious significance and worship at Shri Mundya Temple, Padanna Juma Masjid and Town Moideen Masjid.

Ashtamudi Lake

Often referred to as the ‘gateway’ to Kerala’s famous backwater system, the lake is popular for clam fishing, prawn feeding, and the Ayurveda resorts that dot its coastline. are composed of 8 channels, forming the second largest backwaters in Kerala. This 16 km long lake provides an excellent network to all the prominent backwaters in Kerala. Cruises here give you a deeper look at the heart and spirit of the backwaters. Let the local oarsmen take you on a special journey that knocks at the heart and rejuvenate the tired spirit. The lush greenery and exotic biodiversity shall enchant you forever.

There are much fewer houseboats scanning the waters here and barely any commercialized restaurants, giving you a far more authentic backwater experience.

Sasthamkotta Backwaters, Kollam.

Undoubtedly, the aura this locale carries attracts the tourists in massive numbers. The spiritual ambiance and friendly fauna here are sure to melt your heart. The largest freshwater lake in Kerala, it has always been a hotbed for tourist activity. Considered to be the hotspot, it has various pilgrimage sites surrounding it and the local people are always up with a fascinating tale about the same. The famous Sastha temple dedicated to Lord Ganesh and Lord Ayyapa is a place of worship visited by many tourists. This place offers great options for boating and fishing if you want to try something not-so-religious.

Which backwater interested you the most?

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