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5 Instagram travel pages to follow!

It is a given that every Gen X and Gen Y has an account on Instagram. This platform is all about putting your experiences out there in the form of pictures that are definitely worth a thousand words. Scrolling through your feeds, you are ought to see a picture of someone lazing around in the green valleys or trekking through Kasol or just snorkelling and your travel germ starts doubling up quick. If you are someone who gets inspired to travel by seeing your feeds on Instagram, you must follow these pages asap.

  1. Passport sized

The aesthesis of her page is so raw and natural. One of the few pages that has covered North east in the best fashion. By just looking at the pictures, you are tempted to travel to a particular place.  Her Instagram page is pure gold when it comes to the beach holidays. Passport size is a page you must follow and visit with us if North East and Blue Lagoons is your next thing on the bucket list.

  1. Parnashree19

If you want to tour the whole of India, cover the off-beat places and be well inside your budget, You must visit her page to start your homework. The pictures uploaded to sell the experience of staying a place and living in the moment is captured really well. Extremely colourful page!

  1. Nomadic Shoes

Having covered over 27 states and exploring the hidden gems in each state, Nomadic shoes should be the page you stalk every time you crave travel. Her unique selling point is her love for engaging with the locals who give you an insight into their native culture. So, you learn while on your travel.

  1. Vagabond

One of the few pages that has managed to merge food and travel in the same frame and hit a cord with audiences of all background and ages. Her page is an allrounder. She covers the natives, the culture and the places that flawlessly comes out in her pictures.

  1. Twinkle

A picture is worth a hundred words, which you need not guess. This page has the best picture and even better captions. The soothing pictures will want to make you drop everything.

Get inspired by these travel pages and for travel direction, Reach us @ The Flapper Life. We will create a live experience of this travel trail for you!

So, Which one is your pick?

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