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5 Must-Have Travel Essentials For Women

For a fun-filled unforgettable trip, you must not let your accessories become an aspect of regret. It is necessary to carry minimal luggage while traveling to remote and raw destinations, but those minimums should have everything you require to save yourself from uncertain troubles. The long itinerary list is redundant when you travel to explore. Your accessories should be useful instead of baggage full of miscellaneous things that bury you.

Dear and lovely ladies, do not forget to carry this list of travel essentials while you travel.

1. Document Organizer

Let’s not take documents liberally while traveling abroad. Your passport and other legalities are precious gems until you return back home. Keeping your documents tidy and safe is a MUST. Use a high-quality waterproof document organizer for safety.

2. Travel Backpack

A multi-use backpack ranks higher than your Gucci handbag on the travel packing list, yes you got to accept it!! A pack that is minimalistic from the outside and multi-purposed from inside is a great choice to keep all your stuff safe in all weather conditions.

Recommendation: wildcraft backpacks manufactured with top-notch nylon to ensure durability and effectiveness in all conditions. Its water resistance, stretchable design, and volume capacity rank to our list of recommendations.

3. Power Bank

Don’t let your devices’ battery hold you back in the hotel, while you could have a walk by the beach. Carry a ‘Chhota pack bada power’ type power bank to make the most of your trip. Well, charging the power bank itself is a task you need to perform without forgetting ;) Do not forget to support your power bank with a portable charger.

4. Mosquito Repellent

It’s no exaggeration to say a convenient mosquito repellent will add wonders to your book of memories. Your quest to explore should not be ruined by mosquitos. Miss out on this only if you are okay to miss the wonderful destination on your google maps while you lock yourself in the hotel room.


● Mosquito repellent bracelets: easy to use and dispose

● Repellent rollers: long-lasting and harmless

● Repellent lotions: great choice but do check ingredients before buying

● Repellent stickers: easily available and moderate effectiveness

5. Medicines

We know you ladies are very particular about carrying essential medicines but we can help you with a list of basic medicines to carry while you drive down to the road trip of your dreams.

● Paracetamol or aspirin for basic discomforts

● Antihistamine tablets for bites, stings, or allergies

● Motion sickness tablets

● An antiseptic ointment to apply to a wound

● Thermometer: To be absolutely sure about your body temperature

● Menstrual cup and cramp relief tablets

6. Hygiene kit

Even if you are traveling to a multifaceted destination, you must not forget your hygiene kit consisting of a period pain-relief patch, intimate wipes, multi-use regular wipes, underarm sweat pads, waste disposal bags, and an intimate wash. An intelligent traveler prioritizes her health.

Recommendations: Pee safe personal hygiene kit

You can do without carrying anything else but double-check these travel essentials. Book your trip with The Flapper Life for minimalistic yet important itinerary guidance for every location.

Picture Credits: @traveler.essentials


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