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5 things to do in The Blue city of India

Blue is the colour that signifies peace and tranquility and is also associated with being cool. Jodhpur is known as the Blue City and is the second largest city in Rajasthan. Like the various shades of blue that never ceases to amaze us Jodhpur is famous for its bandhini textiles, its richly carved furniture and its traditional footwear (jhooti).

Apart from this there are various other places and things to do while you are here in Jodhpur. Come let’s explore the city of Jodhpur and we list you five things that you can do while you are here.

Umaid Bhawan Palace

Jodhpur is also known for its royalty and elegance. And that can be felt when one steps into the Umaid Bhawan Palace. As soon as you enter this place you are transported back into the time. Maharaja Umaid Singh had constructed it in the 20th century. The palace is now converted into museum and a hotel. You cannot miss this huge building with glorious white and pink exteriors. The museum has a fine collection of exotic furniture, stuffed leopards and amazing trophies. As soon as you are done with the museum step inside the luxurious hotel that is owned by the Taj Group. Here they have a gallery of vintage cars or you could stop by for the occasional polo matches held here. You are a queen of your own heart but this is where life begins king size.

Umaid Bhawan Palace/Jodhpur/India

Mehrangarh Fort

You do not need a ticket to enter the fort but if you are entering the museum you will need it. The fort stands mighty and 120 m tall above Jodhpur’s skyline. Mehrangarh fort is one of the most historical forts in India. Walk towards the panoramic ramparts which are lined with impressive antique artillery. The rampart has now been fenced after a fatal selfie accident in 2016. Part of the fort is still owned by the royal family.


Café Sheesh Mahal

If you are a coffee lover stop by at the Café Sheesh Mahal and take in the aromatic smell of coffee beans at this yummy place. Not to forget along with coffee they do serve their delicious pancakes as well.



This exquisite rooftop hotel at the Pal Haveli hotel is a perfect way to unwind your busy day. This rooftop hotel gives you superb views of the fort, clock tower and the Umaid Bhawan palace. They serve traditional tandoori, biryanis and North Indian curries. If you are a non vegetarian do not forget to order Rajasthani laal maas (mutton curry) which is simply a delight.


Sambhali Boutique

The shop sells goods made by women who have learned craft skills with the Sambhali Trust. Their aim is to empower disadvantaged women and girls. They sell attractive salwar trousers, cute stuffed silk horses and elephants, silk bags and other accessories such as pottery beads and block printed muslin curtain and scarves.


Jodhpur never fails to enchant its visitors with its royal feel so soak it all in when you visit this place.

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