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6 inspiring films that will hit your ‘flapper’ spirit to travel

We always share a memorable bond with certain movies that connects the dots of our life, more vividly with our growing age. Movies are one of the best tools to rejuvenate your inner voice, and when it comes to travel it undoubtedly does the best job. Watching Dil Chahta Hai and Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara are always the go-to movies for travel. But these 6 female-centric travel films will surely spark-up your “womaniya” spirit and get you out in the wanderlust.

  1. Wild – 2014


biographical adventure film exactly depicts Cheryl Strayed’s brave self-discovery of an epic 1,100-mile journey into Pacific Crest Trail, U.S. after she loses her mother. Wild makes us realize that travelling gives all the answers to our quests and mistakes. A must-watch for self-healing and solo travelling experience.

  1. Queen – 2013


We all know how breakups are heart-breaking, and most of us dig ourselves into the well of sadness, but despite Rani’s wedding called off, her decision to spend a solo-honeymoon didn’t go waste! Paris and Amsterdam brought lot of experiences she never knew, she fought with a thief, danced out loud, made true friends and learn not to let herself down. Rani a.k.a Queen is the perfect indian ‘Flapper’ portrayed just right for us.

  1. Under the Tuscan sun – 2003


  1. The Trip – Web Series 2016


  1. Eat.Pray. Love – 2010


Elizabeth Gilbert did not want to accept the life as it thrown, instead she created her own and went on a trip for a whole year to Italy, India, and Indonesia. Based on the real life of Elizabeth, this film shows why we shouldn’t let ourselves down.

  1. The Sisterhood of the travelling pants 2 – 2008


These films are nothing but experiences and memories of true ‘Flapper spirit’ that strikes deeper and we at @theflapperlife often make such pleasing memories happen for you! #JoinTheFlapperSpirit

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