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7 types of Travel gal-pals every traveler has

Group travel is not as easy and simple as it seems. And group travel with friends can get a little difficult. But it’s also what makes your trip unforgettable.

Vacations, especially the longer ones, tend to uncover the secrets and hidden traits of your gal pals that you may not be comfortable with or you find absolutely hilarious.

Whether you are traveling with one person or dozens of tourists, the company you pick can make or break an amazing escapade.

Here are a few types of travel girl friends that we observed. Do let us know if we missed out on any.

  1. The Snail: Hopping from one spot to another becomes a pain when you’re with someone who would lose to a snail in a slow-walk race. Also, there are a few things worse than missing your plane or bus because one of your companions takes 2 hours to blow dry her hair. Shopping with them might get on your nerves because The Snail wants to know everything about the product and will search for the same product at different shops to get the best quality. That could be a genuine hurdle in your path when you want to hop from one place to another on your bucket list.

2. The Obsessive Compulsive Planner: C’mon, let’s call a spade a spade. These guys suck when it comes to movie nights and spontaneous plans, the O.C.P  friend isn’t much fun. However, when it comes to itinerary planning, booking of flights, preparing necessary maps, and making sure everyone is on time for everything, she is invaluable. Sure, you might get extremely angry at the person when you get her 5 am wake up call, but you’ll be thankful when you’re NOT part of the group of late passengers who get all the nasty looks for delaying the flight.

3. The Photographer: Yes, they take a lot of selfies. Yes, they’ll ask you to help carry their gear around. Stopping for an extra 15 minutes at must-see spots will be a pain, and you’ll probably get tired of posing for the camera because “I’m trying to get the exposure right!” At the end of the day (or trip) though, you’ll be thanking them when all your friends gush about and go on and on at all the amazing pictures you’re tagged in.


4. The Bakasur: For a lot of people trying out different cuisines is one of, if not thetop priority when checking out new places. Expect your foodie friend to have a list of all the must-try restaurants at your chosen destination, and the expected budget for each place. They will even know what to order and what’s the tastiest dish around!


5. The bargain aunty: You will NEVER get ripped off by local vendors if you are traveling with her. She has spent numerous hours and searched on your travel destination on travel blogs and websites so she knows all the flea markets and local streets. Forget flashy shopping malls and follow this bargain aunty into local alleyways and flea markets to get the best deals while shopping.

6. The Carefree joker: Sometimes it might just be annoying to be with someone who keeps cracking lame jokes. But this funny gal pal will amuse you in awkward situations by doing/saying something that will completely crack you up. When you’re back from your trip, you will have loads of unforgettable memories that put a smile back on your face because of this Carefree Joker.


7. The Sab-ki-Pyaari: She is somebody who EVERY ONE likes. You wouldn’t find one soul that is upset with her (Well, mothers don’t count here). She gels along perfectly with everyone and makes sure everyone is happy. Without her, you would just end up being a shy non-talkative traveler. With her you realize that you have so many friends in different regions and countries. Oh, and she forcefully taught you some handy words in the local language that you will always be grateful for.


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