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Top 5 places in India that can replace international travel adventure.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The Indian travel industry has grown. Even the remote places, hidden gems are gaining popularity. Most of us, often think, there is no place as breath-taking as Switzerland until they went to Kashmir, Ladakh, Mussoorie. That there is no place that is fun and adventurous until they went to Goa, Manali or Andaman.

In this lockdown, our future travel plans are ready, however, no one quite knows when International travel will start in full swing. Not to worry! India has got you covered. No kidding!

We have it all.

1. Bir and Manali can be your New Zealand and Maldives for Adventure.

2. Andaman and Lakshadweep can be your Australia and Bali for beach base.

3. Kerala and Vizag can be you be your Scotland and South Africa for Amazing Road trip.

4. Ladakh and Coorg can be your Bhutan and Japan for some quiet and calm.

5. Goa and Pondicherry can be your Dubai and Spain for a change in plans trips.

Traveling domestic will allow you to support small business and help in the economic growth of the domestic travel industry.

India will spoil you with options. Travelling domestic will not only save you some extra money but will help you save some extra sweet memories as well.

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