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All one needs to know about Corona Virus.

Everything you must know about this Virus that has claimed 360 lives and counting.

Corona Virus is the talk of the town, headline in every newspaper and fear in the minds of a zillion people.

The Flapper Life keeps health as its foremost principle on and before travel. We present you to the following.

  1. What is Corona Virus and how did the epidemic start?

Corona viruses are a family of viruses that cause illnesses ranging from a cold to more severe diseases. Typically, symptoms include a fever, fatigue, sore throat and dry cough, and may later develop into breathing difficulties.

It is said that the epidemic started from a Wuhan market in China and has spread ever since.

  1. What makes corona virus scary?

Since there is no vaccine made yet, it is reason enough that corona virus is claiming lives.

  1. How far has it spread?

Corona Virus has claimed as many as over 200 lives and counting. It has affected over 9600 people alone in China.

Other Asian countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, Macau, Japan, Philippines are other affected countries.

Back home, Kerala has already kept 1 person in isolation apart from reporting 11 cases.

  1. Other reasons for this virus to spread?

Deforestation and Wildlife killing is touted to be one the major reasons for this epidemic to turn into a living scare. Killing of bats and snakes is identified to be the main culprits in this outbreak.

  1. Take care now!

  2. Eat clean.

  3. Being in a hygiene environment.

  4. Avoiding crowded places.

  5. Drink boiled water

  6. Strictly follow personal hygiene.

  7. Do not eat non-veg

  8. Keep your immunity level high.

The latest update includes: Bird flu is also the current cause of worry for China amidst the Corona Virus outbreak that has added to the state of panic.

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