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Best camping sites in India.

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Imagine: Waking up and stepping out, with the sun rising over the mountains, birds chirping around you, drinking tea on a mud pot and sitting in the laps of nature and starting your mornings. Before going to bed, lying under the naked sky and trying to count the stars with cool breeze swinging from right to left making you want to swirl in your blanket and say: Best camping trip ever.

Camping in India, whether riverside, mountain side or simply in the laps of lush greenery is a treat to your eyes and soul. Though you give up the luxurious stay to fit into a tent and bonfire lights, you are sure to fill rich and most comfortable.

Here’s presenting best 7 camping sites in India, you should nestle in at least once in your lifetime.

1. Sonmarg

Ever tented near a glacier? Or maybe near a lake with a snow-clad mountain view? Sonmarg in Kashmir valley will turn your no into a yes and dream into reality. Kashmir is the epitome of beauty and grace with Sonmarg leading the way, camping in this valley will leave your awestruck.

Best time to visit: Throughout the year, except late winter.

Picture credit: Google Images.

2. Rishikesh

In the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is anyway a favourite tourist destination for adventure and pilgrims, but what adds to its flavour is its riverfront camping. To live in a tent, riverside, with the melody of the water flowing will be music to your ears. Just sitting next to a riverside with the water tickling your feet is unparallel.

Best time to visit: September to November

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3. Coorg

Our very own Scotland of India is a camping gem in India. With tea and coffee plantations surrounding the place, one need not worry about the morning mood. With lush greenery and quiet surrounding, Coorg will make you fall in love with camping.

Best time to visit: March and April.

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4. Sillery goan

Located in the gigantic view of Kanchenjunga, an ideal place for bird watching, Sillery goan is one of the most offbeat camping sites in India. Offering the panoramic view of the mountains and the soulful Teesta river, one can imagine the thrill and chill you will experience here.

Best time to visit: Avoid monsoon season.

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5. Jaisalmer

Sand dunes, cultural performance, bonfires that turn the sand golden, the moon looking larger than life and pearl white tents waiting to please your mind, it is certain, that Jaisalmer is more than camel rides and desert safaris.

Best time to visit: November to February

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6. Nandi Hills.

This one is a true spectacle. To camp on top of a mountain which gives you a closer look at the clear sky and pristine surrounding. Called as the hill of happiness, this place is sure to take a grip of your mind with its evergreen offerings.

Best time to visit: Except monsoon season, anytime.

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Camping is an altogether different experience, it will make you see the same things, differently.

Go Camping.

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