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Best tree house stays in India.

We have all climbed a tree at least once in our life. We loved staying up there, fondling its leaves and branches. Some of us, tried building our very own tree house with our blankets and pillows, but it didn’t work out and we fell down! Opps.

Now that we are grown up, living in an actual tree house still excites us like little kids, and why not? Travel evokes the inner child in us all. Staying in a tree house is a unique experience in its own. To be living in the lap of nature itself, makes you feel relaxed, happy and excited just like your childhood tree climb did.

Here’s presenting 5 in demand, tree houses, you should explore and live on at least once in your lifetime for the childhood thrill of it.

1. The Machan – Jambulne near Lonavala.

Making it to the list of top 25 biological hotspots, The Machan requires no introduction about nature. Lonavala being a tourist favourite, The Machan is an eye candy for travellers wanting to relax in the lap of nature.

A quirky retreat place in Maharashtra, The Machan is as beautiful in the inside as in the outside. You have close to 6 accommodation options available with the Machans such as the Heritage, Canopy, Forest, Jungle, Sunset and Woods. Apart from the basic amenities that it offers, it also provides specialized experiences like bird spotting and spa.

Airport to The Machen – 88.5 km

Best time to visit – Monsoon season.

2. Vythiri Tree House – Wayanad

Nature and South India cannot be mentioned separately when it comes to talking about staying in natures lap. Vythiri tree house is located in the canopy of rainforest trees. This tree house is known for its eco friendly materials.

All the basic amenities are available. You are required to take minimum baggage with you to your rooms. You can keep your big suitcases with the hotel staff and take only what is necessary to your rooms. You will find facilities like health clubs, games room, natural pool, swimming pool, spa, and an ayurvedic centre.

Airport to Vythiri Tree house – 76.2 km

Best time to visit – October to March

3. Tree house resort – Jaipur

Jaipur is known for its kingly vibe and luxurious stay facility. Though known as the pink city, the greenery around is equally a treat to the eyes. Tree house resort is designed in a way to provide all the comfort and realness you can ask for in this kingdom city.

The interiors of the resort are cosy and give a wooden wildlife impact. You can choose either a 2,3 or 5 room size among deluxe nest and private suits. Right from minibar, Wi-Fi and beverage maker, this place provides all essentials and lavishness in its nest.

Airport to Tree house resort – 48.6 km

Best time to visit : Winter season.

Photo Courtesy : Google images

4. Rainforest Resort – Kerala

If the thought of waterfalls and tree house excites you, rainforest resort should definitely be on your bucket list. Located in god’s own country, Kerala is famous for its lush greenery and closer to nature lifestyle. Tucked in the laps of Sholayar rainforest, this stay will make you fall head over heels.

With wooden exterior and interior, this place has it all. From comfortable beds to all amenities.

Airport to Rainforest resort – 55 km

Best time to visit – Monsoon season

5. Tree house hideaway – Bandhavgarh

Tree house hideaway offers jaw dropping view of the wildlife and natural habitats making it one of the most popular tree houses in India. Spread over massive 21 acres of land, surrounded by calm fauna and flora, you may not want to leave this place once you get in there.

Tree house hideaway is ideal place for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts. Located amidst a tiger reserve, do not be alarmed to wake up to a roar at dusk. You can choose to stay on trees like Banyan, Palash, Mahua, Tendu and Peepal depending on your preference.

Airport to tree house hideaway : 200km

Best time to visit : October to March.

Which tree house do you want to climb first?

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