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Break Break mein!

Are you a long weekend traveler or office holiday traveler? What do you prefer?


The work culture in 2019 is so consuming that it can take a toll on your mind very quickly. Taking a break, getting some time off, relaxing and bouncing back after me much needed time to yourself or your family is delightful. However, we always, never have time and we don’t know how to have it. There was a time when in college, you would make plans of taking time off and going skinning dipping. And now the time you get goes into another deadline or project or maybe sleeping and more sleeping. 

There are people who wait desperately for a weekend to whisk away to the nearest hill station to laze around while there are some who have put out emails requesting a week-long during the festive or year-end time to really take the time off. 

 The Flapper Life gives you the pros and cons of both sides of the same coin. 

The sucker for weekends! 


This type of traveler lives for Fridays. They get through the week thinking about what they will do from Friday to Sunday. Not that they are not focused on work, it may be one of the ways of staying motivated. These types of travelers are extremely flexible, love to explore and are always up for a plan. They are quick moving and making the most of their trip. 


  1. You get a change of pace. You can actually find some time for yourself. 

  2. You can actually break up with your responsibility for 48 hours. Not a bad deal

  3. You need not cook or clean or squeeze your eyes in dismay.

  4. You can actually work on your passion while away on the weekend. 

  5. You come back to content. 


  1. The weather can add to your charged up plans.

  2. You will not always have the money to spend especially during month ends. 

  3. If it is a long weekend or festive one, enjoy the traffic and overcrowded destinations.

  4. In a span of 48 hours, it will be difficult to cover all points.

  5. When you get back on Sunday night, you suddenly realize the presentation you have to submit tomorrow morning. 

The planned vacation seeker. 


These people are planners. They properly chalk out their plan and try to take at least 2 trips a year. These kinds of travelers travel with a lot of expectations. They know why they are traveling and how they want to do it. 


  1. You are able to take a much-needed break from work and wander. 

  2. You are relaxed which in turn helps you enjoy the destination.

  3. You can afford the vacation better since you have planned it well in advance. 

  4. You will learn a lot through your travel which in turn will be beneficial in everyday life. 

  5. You will look after yourself. 


  1. If you will travel at the time of vacations and festivals, expect the vacation to be costly and crowded.

  2. You fall back on your career ladder.

  3. It can get tiring.

  4. Jumping right back from travel to work can be difficult. 

  5. You may or may not like the place, food, weather which may add spoilsport. 

Which category do you fall in? 

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