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Chitrakote Falls : Power Of Beauty and Nature!

Chhattisgarh is one of the growing state in India. It is full of waterfalls, hills, valleys and rich landscapes nuzzled into its nooks and crannies. It is the ultimate destination to experience the nature up and close. The never-ending greenery is another catch of this state. Another beauty of this state lies in its waterfall.

Talking about Waterfalls, Chhattisgarh is famous for Chitrakote Falls, which is also known as “Niagra Falls of India.” It is located in the western region of Jagdalpur and is one of the prime tourist attractions in and around Jagdalpur famous for its breathtaking sunsets and just the sheer enormity of the falls that will leave you spellbound as soon as you set your sights on it.

Chitrakote in its glory.

The waterfall is sourced from the Indravati river which flows westwards towards Jagdalpur and cascades down from a descent of 30m from the top of the cliff in 3 streams during summers, but the falls stretch over the whole width of 300 meters and plunge down as a magnanimous blanket of glorious roaring water during monsoon months when the river Indravati is at its maximum flow capacity.

When the water falling from such great height reaches the ground, it turns into a white mist and looks like Niagra Falls from a distance. In size, it is actually 1/3rd of Niagra Falls.

Best Time To Visit Chitrakote Waterfalls

The monsoon, months of July to September, is the best time to visit the glorious Chitrakote Waterfalls. The water brings along the mud from the places it flow through and hence turns brown. Sometimes, right after a rain, you can even witness a beautiful rainbow running across the misty sky, making the visit completely worth it!

Chitrakoot during monsoon.

Winter months of November to January can also be a great time to visit the falls if you want an absolutely hassle-free visit. The weather will be cool and pleasant during this season.

One can witness the gushing water up close, in a boat ride. There are few resorts around, where one can relax and also hear the roar of the waterfall.

It’s time for you to pack up your bags and rush to this place!

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