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Do’s and Don’t of a Jungle Safari.

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

A Jungle safari is always enthralling. There is no doubt about it. To see a wild and exotic animal right in front of your eyes, in their home, is exciting enough. However, over the years, humans have famously crossed their lines and then played the victim.

Numerous instances come to mind, for example, a man in the New Delhi zoo teased a tiger and put his life at risk, with people around him pelting stones at the tiger to save the man. Insane.

Another example that comes to mind is, at a famous jungle safari, despite instructed, a man went to pat a lion cub and what happened next is gut-wrenching. He was surrounded by a couple of lions. In order to save him, the lions had to tranquilize.

Why should animals pay for the recklessness of humans in their own homes? For the same reason, there are rules and restrictions imposed: Do and Don’ts mention.

If you are planning your maidan jungle voyage, bear the following in mind:


1. Stay in groups.

2. Keep calm when you see an animal.

3. Listen to the instructor, come what may.

4. Wear appropriate clothes, cool colors, and light wear.

5. Respect the jungle and its environment


1. Do not feed animals.

2. Do not come in a close encounter. If you do, do not panic. Sit tight and do not move.

3. Do not flash torchlight on their face and keep your phone on DND mood.

4. Do not make any startling noise.

5. Avoid pungent smelling food.

The way you expect people to behave when they come to visit you in your homes, maintain the same with animals in their home. Behave well.

The Flapper life supports wildlife safari.

The Flapper Life urges everyone who plans to go for a Jungle Safari - Please be well behaved and caring. Wildlife needs to be secure in their homes, the way you feel secure in yours.

Image courtesy: Google Images.

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