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Eat the traditional food, in its home state.

India and Food go hand in hand. It is in our blood to think about food, while having food. Even when we are traveling, place and adventure comes second, Food is first and rightly so. The variety of food we have in our country, state by state, cuisine by cuisine, festival by festival makes us drool.

Right from a stall of Vada Pav being world renowned to a Turkish ice-cream making people stand in long ques, food has a special place in our everyday life. As a land of traditions and culture, there is nothing like Indian food. The laddoos, the panch pachkwans, the sharbets are all part of the food parade.

Just like we say, there is nothing like ‘ Ghar Ka Khana’. Similarly, every city, like its home, as its own taste and secret recipe while preparing traditional dishes. If one wants to explore the authenticity of a famous dish, one must find where is it originally made.

We present to you, 7 dishes best eaten at its home state.

1. Bisibelebath – Karnataka.

Bisi bele bhath or Bisi Bele Huliyanna is a spicy, rice-based dish with origins in the state of Karnataka, India. Bisi bele bhath, which translates to 'hot lentil rice dish' in Kannada language, is a wholesome meal. It is said to have originated in the Mysore Palace and from there spread across the entire states.

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2. Ragan Josh- Kashmir

Rogan josh is an aromatic lamb curry that is believed to be of Persian origin, closely associated with the Kashmir region of India. The stew is characterized by tender meat and a thick, fiery red sauce coming from Kashmiri chillies.

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3. Sadhya – Kerala

Sadhya is a traditional Indian feast originating from the state of Kerala. All of the small dishes are vegetarian, and one sadhya feast can contain up to 28 dishes at a time, all of them traditionally served on banana leaves and meant to be eaten with hands.

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4. Dhokla – Gujrat

Originating from the Indian state of Gujarat, dhokla is a vegetarian snack consisting of fermented chickpea batter and rice. Spices such as chili and ginger are added to the batter in order to improve the flavor of the dish. Dhokla is often garnished with coriander, coconut, or chopped chilies, and it is typically accompanied by red and green chutney.

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5. Panjiri – Punjab