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Facts about Andaman that justify why it’s on India’s 20 rupee note

~Parishka Gupta

Andaman is jam-packed with surprises and is also the storehouse for many golden feathers in India’s cap. With its cobalt blue waters and flowing green palms, Andaman has managed to reinvent the quotidian beach holiday. Andaman has its fair share of skeletons in the closet from the British Era along with an exotic exhibit of fascinating animals on land and in water. Pick up a 20-rupee note. See that scene of flowing trees? Well, that’s the Northern Bay of Andaman! Here are some lesser-known facts about Andaman that we’re willing to bet that you didn’t know!

1. Andaman in the pretty flower floating in the Indian Ocean that attracts thousands and thousands of butterflies every year! These pretty little things flutter from the nearby tropical islands to embellish the island with their myriad colors. These butterflies also found their way too Indian stamps! Do buy some for your collection!

2. Pandunus or Kewra is a rare fruit that you’ll find in Andaman’s Havelock Island. This wedge-shaped fruit had a woody and fibrous body with soft edible seeds nested inside. It is a staple in Nicobari food. Don’t forget to have a taste!

3. Go to the Alfred caves in Andaman. Watch your step, they’re quite narrow. These limestone caves are home to Swiftlet birds that make an amazing edible nest. These intriguing birds use their sticky saliva to make homes in places which can be a real piece of work when it comes to accessibility.

4. Andaman is home to one-of-a-kind indigenous group of people, the Jarawa tribe, that live a secluded life untainted of the modern world. They do not interact with people at all. Out of 600 islands, only 9 of them are open for visitors.

5. You can kayak your way through dense, verdant mangroves in the Havelock Island! This is the perfect way to traverse through the rich wildlife of the amazing island. You’ll meet a number of tiny organisms on your way to the open sea. Make sure you don’t leave Andaman without having this sensational experience!

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