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For The Love Of February

January is for dreamers,

February is for doers…-

Marc Parent

Read that again, please!

If you’ve dreamt of travelling in January, you can actually make that dream come true in February.

We understand it’s a month of love, gifts and chocolates. But what better love than the love for travel, what better gift than the gift of experiences and what’s sweeter than the taste of freedom?

So this February, let travelling be your true valentine.

Note: The following trips are organized and specially curated by The Flapper Life. To book any of them, you can reach out to us on +91 98922 29782 or shoot us a DM on Instagram

1. Andamans

Hola, beach bums! It’s time to bring out your hat and sunglasses again! If you've done a lot but still want a fantastic and new coastal destination, the Andamans is the right place for you. It’s going to be a holiday in flip-flops on the most spectacular beaches with waves washing away all woes.

Why choose Andamans in February?

February is considered one of the best months to travel to these islands. The archipelago experiences a maximum temperature of 30 °C and a minimum of 23 °C. With the weather so perfect, you can properly get the feel of the tropical ambience.

Here’s all you can do in February 2023 in the Andaman Islands.

Witness the Light and Sound show at the Cellular Jail, gaze at the pristine blue sea at Marina Park, ferry towards Havelock island where charming lagoons lay and visit the 'Best Beach In Asia'- Radhanagar Beach.

Soon you’ll notice the entire marine life of North Bay is waiting for you along with colourful corals and a rustic windswept beach.

If you start your day early enough, you can visit Baratang, known for its mysterious forests, tidal swamps, unusual birds, mud volcanoes and impressive cave systems.

Now let’s talk a little about water sports here!

Apart from the usual yet awesome scuba diving, kayaking and snorkelling, you can do something called sea walking here! It’s basically walking on the seabed and enjoying the marine life closely. Even if you don't know how to swim or are afraid of water, you're eligible to try it out.

Another super fun and exciting water activity in the Andamans is the Glass-Bottom Boat Ride. A dolphin-shaped boat with a glass surface below gives you amazing views of the world down there. It's safe, thrilling and quite the experience.

Other beach destinations seem boring now, right? Great! Head over to the link below and book your Andamans trip with us now!

2. Udaipur

Khamma Gani and hello from the land of dal baati churma, lake Pichola and charming cobbled streets. Udaipur is like no other Rajasthani city. It’s old in a way that it’s so rustic and endearing yet so regal and peculiar. A treasure trove of history, its pride lies in its heritage.

But Udaipur stays the same throughout the year, why visit it, particularly in February?

Well, to put it simply, the February weather is just so beautiful. There’s a nip in the air, cool breeze in your hair and you’ll enjoy your holiday without a care.

With temperatures dropping to as low as 5°C, a trip to this quintessential city in Feb is a must.

What does a short trip in this short month look like?

To begin with, stroll along the ghats, visit antique shops, eat local delicacies and simply take in all the sights and sounds. Then wake up to the stunning views of Lake Pichola and set out on a refreshing boat ride to see the Jag Mandir. Enjoy a heritage walk and watch a colourful Rajasthani folk performance at Bagore Ki Haveli.

Don't forget to march up to City Palace. It has some exquisite architecture and offers mesmerising views of lakes and monuments below.

Now a little about the majestic markets of Udaipur. Antique shops, craftworks, traditional clothing and designer Mojadis are the soul of every market here. Shop beautiful Bandhej and Leheriya fabrics, Rajasthani blankets and Jaipuri Razai among more richness.

For such satisfying shopping sprees and royal therapy, join us next month in Udaipur. Tap to BOOK NOW

3. Ranthambore

Someone wise once said that the clearest way into the Universe is through the forest wilderness.

With an abundance of Royal Bengal Tigers, chital, nilgai, sloth bears, blackbucks, striped hyenas, sambar deer, Indian wild boar, Indian flying foxes, marsh crocodiles and leopards, Ranthambore is the ultimate untamed utopia.

Once a royal hunting ground for a Maharaja, the wild jungle scrub is hemmed in by rocky ridges and filled with ancient temples, mosques, hunting pavilions, crocodile-filled lakes, and vine-covered chhatris.

The February Safari

With an average of 14°C, you can spot tigers basking under the morning sun. As the weather gets warmer in the day, all animals head towards the watering holes, and that sight is simply spectacular!

With honks replaced by hoots, sirens by roars, pollution by fresh air and you by your wild side, the city hustle is long forgotten.

Spend some time forest bathing- a wonderful concept to heal, hop onto jeep rides twice a day and sing around a bonfire as you roast some marshmallows and appreciate nature.

TFL is proudly one of the only women-exclusive communities that invests so much time in the wild because we believe it’s a lovely way for women to find themselves.

4. Kerala

Kerala is a world away from the hectic action of the rest of India. It has a long, fascinating history illuminated by reminiscent cities like Kochi and Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum).

With a backdrop of tea- and spice-covered hills, it fiercely protects its wildlife reserves and cool hill stations, all that makes this trip the therapy your soul deserves.

Kerala- All Fancy In February

With balmy afternoons and pleasant evenings, this is the perfect time to visit Kerala.

The weather is refreshing making it excellent to traverse the misty verdant mangrove forests, coconut palms facing the hills and the sparkling backwaters.

How Our Kerala Trip Is So Different

Our exclusive trip to Kerala revolves around the idea of travelling for health and well-being. With wholesome food, ayurvedic spa treatments, holistic exercise, and activities that enhance spiritual and creative development, God's Own Country does transform into heaven.

The Flapper Life is an experiential travel company that focuses on exclusively curated experiences along with mandatory to-do activities in a destination. So we’ll visit the living root bridges in Meghalaya, but we will also take you for an unusual forest walk. Get our drift?

That’s why TFL is so special. We take the mundane and make it magical.

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