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Forest Therapy in India

Forest has an alluring effect on the minds of humans, The uninitiated would know it by the warm, calm feeling they get every time they take a walk in a forest, which is more of a luxury now. It stems from the idea that we humans have an innate longing to be surrounded by trees, which is why we immediately feel an overwhelming sense of warmth and calm when in a forest. After months of endless scrolling, swiping, and clicking on devices, sometimes amid trees is refreshing, both physiologically and psychologically. Below list of places in India that can help you if you are craving some green respite in life.

Forest Therapy is an experience in nature recharging your batteries, finding your inner peace, grounding yourself, and boosting your immune system and physical, mental, and spiritual health with the simple practice of Shinrin Yoku a Japanese Term For Forest Bathing. This helps you awaken your senses with Meditation, mindful breathing getting naturally mindful, calm, connected, and rejuvenated. To name few benefits is that it Boost Immune Functioning, Forest bathing improves mood and cognition in depressive patients, Overall increases in sense of happiness and flow of energy.

1) Forest Therapy India's – This approach to Shinrin Yoku is - A combination of therapeutic leisurely walks on gentle paths under forest canopy with guided activities to help you open your senses, A guide to honing your intuition, and experience the forest as you never have before. They draw upon awakening our senses with mindfulness meditation practices and Qi Gong meditation along with Deep Breathing exercises. And also use group sharing at several points along the walk, which helps participants learn from and teach others as we discuss what we are experiencing together.

2) DElotus Advaya Holistic Health Solutions Pvt. ltd is an ecosystem of Cultural, Artistic, Linguistic & Self-growth Solo Retreats worldwide, Workshops, Road-trips, Storytelling Sessions, Corporate Activities, Healing Holidays, and Expeditions & Training for Teacher-Leaders. It supports the idea that the process of exploring and experiencing creativity promotes health, happiness, and holistic well-being, Aiding & Healing in Physical, Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional resurgence, including relieving phobias and increasing the overall confidence. They have series of events lined up all-round the year. Their mission includes inspiring young people to discover the power of their own voices and the Voices of the Voiceless and provides highly skilled and certified guides and mentors. They also do provide certification after completion of the course.

3) Healing Forest - takes you on a journey of change and transformation through nature. We help you explore new routes to create a calm mind, a healthy body, and a peaceful life. Unique activities that merge the benefits of mindfulness, creativity, and nature to grow your calm and improve your well-being. Learn the secrets of healing in nature, with nature. The visitors can indulge in several activities at the center including forest walking, tree-hugging, forest meditation, and sky gazing. This institute goes by its aim of “Helping people heal. Helping forests heal.” They also indulge in discovering beautiful forests and trails. Doing action projects that give back to nature. Creating change leaders and compassionate communities through the Forest Friends program

It’s the brisk movement of my feet touching the soil and the soft wind caressing my skin. It’s the sun on my face and the view from each vista I reach. It’s the feeling of enchantment with the natural world. A walk in the woods is self-care.

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