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Guess who we met today?

Dearest Flappers,

Guess who we met today?

The actress, the host, and one of the most charming women in the industry who has been in the news for a lot of social causes and health campaigns had such wonderful things to say to us.

We had the opportunity to have a chat with this Diva regarding The Flapper Life and women empowerment.

We are more than happy to share with all you Flappers what our conversation was all about.


Do you think travel can lead to women empowerment?

“Yes definitely. Although I have never traveled solo in India, I love traveling with my girl friends whenever I get the time. Travel liberates!”, said a chirpy Mandira.

What has been your best Solo travel memory abroad?

“I’ve actually just traveled solo once.” (Chuckles) “It was years ago when we went to Cannes. I was excited to explore Paris and I went ahead and just did that. It really was memorable and fun.”

Solo travel or group travel?

“More the people merrier it will be! I have always loved traveling with my girl friends. I try to travel with them as much as possible.”

Our heart was delighted when she wished The Flapper Life loads of success in all our endeavors in this grand year of 2017. “All the Best and wish you loads of success. Keep rocking!”

Happy us.

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