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Monsoon travel ho jaye?

It is monsoon time! Finally, some rain to distract us from the ongoing stress. The melodious and rhythmic drops that kiss the land, making you want to dance in the rain with your eyes closed and arms spread. Isn’t it?

The Flapper Life loves monsoon time! For the very same reason, we get to you, the monsoon special list of places you must visit in your city itself!

Let us start with

1. Bangalore

You will never run out of options for a monsoon get way in Bangalore. It is surrounded by the hidden gems of travel! For instance,

1.Shivanasamudra Falls, Mandya

Waterfall is at its glorious best makes a perfect spectacle. Imagine, it is raining at the sight of the waterfall. I don’t think you will want to move away from there until the rain subsides. Also, Nothing like a wildlife adventure during the rains. The Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary will hypnotize you with its lush green beauty.

Time taken to reach: 2 hours and 16 mins

2. Machanabele

If you like to venture out during the rains to do some adventure, this is a must visit place for you. Rafting, fishing and trekking spots for all the adventure freaks. The scenic beauty around this place will consume you.

Time taken to reach: 1 hours 12 mins


Who doesn’t like the smell of coffee during heavy rains. The hot coffee brewing to the sound of the drizzle. Chikamagalur will take you by surprise with its trekking points.

Time taken to reach: 4 hours and 27 mins.


The famous Chennai to Pondicherry get away is not the only monsoon rich place to go. You must visit these places to a full filling monsoon travel experience.

1.St.Thomas Mount and Pallavaram

If you enjoy trekking during the rains, this is the place for you. This monsoon retreat will be the one to take you fall in love with trekking.

Time taken to reach: 30 mins


Drive on a rainy day to this place promises you a day filled with amazing sight seeing which includes forts, churches, bird sanctuary and beaches. A long drive will never be so promising.

Time taken to reach: 1 hour 33 mins

3. Nagalapuram