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Hidden gems in Parvati valley.

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Parvati valley is unabashedly the epicenter of beautiful landscapes, and with such a beautiful aura, great folklore and mythology surround it. Parvati Valley truly is synonymous with riches when it comes to the places to see and explore. The charm of Parvati Valley is such that it beckons you to stay and connect with your inner peace, match the pace of nature, and just reflect on the beauty within and outside!


The landscape and scenic offering of the transcending mountainscape surrounding Pulga is sure to blow one's mind. The village has pocket-friendly homestays with friendly staff. The village is a starting point for various treks and is positioned between two mountain runs, offering awe-inspiring views during the golden hours of the day. The mountain ranges are a treat to the eyes after the snowfall. The mists passing by the mountain belt accompanied by snow settled on the rocky mountain body is definitely something unparalleled and unmissable.


Kheerganga is 5-6 km away from Tosh and the only way to reach it is by trekking. The hike takes the backpackers through tiny Himachali villages, pine forests with huge oak trees, and endless greenery. The reward? A hot water pool at the highest point in this village surrounded by snow-peaked mountains! Legend has it, Lord Shiva meditated in Kheerganga for 3000 years. There is a little pool on the highest point here with warm spring water. The water from the hot springs is believed to be “holy” with healing properties. A blissful feeling of being immersed in warm water with mountains around that was covered with snow!


An uphill trek through the difficult terrains leads to the mountaintop where Malana Village is located. With a population of around 500 people and basic facilities available in the village, Malana is a wonderful trek and an amazing place to explore. Trek to Malana is not as easy as Tosh or Kalga. The solitary village of Malana was cut off from the rest of the world for many years and many say it’s the oldest democracy in the world.

Grahan – An Untouched Village In The valley

At 7700 feet, Grahan is an ideal weekend slip from New Delhi and Chandigarh. 10 km from Kasol, Grahan is the place where you can camp and lose yourself to nature’s tranquility. A challenging trek makes way for the ultimate destination in the Parvati Valley that has a scenic campsite and welcoming locals.

Be assured that you won’t have complete non-interference of the mobile network, No ATM, no roads either makes it a perfect place to live a life without any directions and liberty to do things by deeply connecting with nature! Wonderful times await you in the lap of nature in this village also known for its honey gatherers.

Rudra Nag & Naktan Village

Have you experienced cuteness in nature? Well, if not, head on over to RudraNag – everything is adorable. The colors are cute, the people are sweet, and the views will make you experience the same feelings as that of falling in love. Lying halfway from Barshaini to KheerGanga, there are a couple of guesthouses in the villages, and pretty apple orchards line the way. Lots of waterfalls break the monotony of lush greenery (embarrassment of riches).

Waichin Valley

Just 4 km from Malana, this is a hidden gem that no one knows. The dramatic landscapes and the wonderful hike will keep you entertained. The combination of adventure and peace is a hard balance to find, yet, here we are – Waichin provides the same thing.

With all there is to offer, do I need to give you any more reasons?

Parvati has something in store for everyone – whether you need some peace, want to be adventurous or you want to be out in the wilderness – Parvati has got you covered.

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