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How can you, as a traveler, support small business.

We all are waiting. Waiting for the day, #travel opens up and we book our first flight to our favorite destination and immerse ourselves in the pleasure of leisure.

There is just one thing that is of concern to us.

We can afford to travel, stay in 5-star hotels and do the best that luxury has to offer. But have we thought enough of the people who have always been dependent on travel and us?

The chaiwallah at the expressway, who would greet us with a laugh, old music playing in the background and he is singing it to entertain us? The lady who makes delicious fruit salad with home grown fruits and walks alongside the highway with a jar of jaggery water for hikers? The family run dhaba that reminds us of ‘ Ghar Ka Khana’ and ‘Pyaar se Khilana’ and the old couple who have put their house up for homestay in the beautiful valleys surrounded by the mountains.

Just like you have not seen travel, they haven’t seen you. The pain is the same.

As a traveller, can we do the needful. Can we support them through their business, promote and advocate for them? YES, WE CAN. HOW?

1. #Buy local and use social media platform to market it for them.

2. Do not bargain.

3. Allow yourself the experience of #homestay.

4.Talk to them, make them feel important.

5. Eat native food.

The smile that you will be bestowed with, will be enough.

They have seen losses but when they see you, they will see hope. Be their hope.

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